We shape your project by working directly on different materials.

CAO Engineering

Your parts are mechanically approved and CNC Machined.

Rolling chassis/Welding

Boiler and sheet metal (chassis, exhaust, steel, aluminum, TIG and MIG) OEM Specifications to upgrade parts.

Mechanical engineering

Turning, milling traditional and digital.


Our workshop is providing the best quality for your engine refection or preparation..

Sheet metal work/Painting

Old-fashioned sheet metal work to preserve the authenticity of your vehicles. From original shade to personalized painting.

Interior trim

Seats, carpets, headliner, steering wheels, knobs, leather or fabric.

Composite materials

Glass and carbon fiber, polyester, epoxy, contact and vacuum.

Sand blasting

Sand blasting on all materials for chassis and body parts.


We offer to our customers specific researchs to shape their projects.


From aquisition to delivery, we will provide the different steps.

Car body treatments

High-end treatments for car body. From protection, to renovation, to customized treatments.