Chapter 1807 Meet Sun Xuanyin again

  ”Everyone seems to be very excited about this matter.” Ye Chen saw that everyone was very excited and enthusiastic about the competition.

”Of course, they are excited like that because they are all going to participate in something big.” Mu Xueying said that this was quite a big thing.

”What’s the big deal?” Ye Chen asked Mu Xueying.

”Ye Chen, it is one very big deal, it is something that everyone in the God Realm will look forward to.” Mu Xueying told Ye Chen that this was something very important.

”Is that important?” Ye Chen asked Mu Xueying.

”Of course, this is very important, this is a very very important matter, there we can get what you want” Mu Xueying said to Ye Chen.

”Is that true?” Ye Chen couldn’t believe it, he didn’t really believe what Mu Xueying said.

”If you don’t believe it, you can come and try it.” Since Ye Chen didn’t believe it, Mu Xueying told Ye Chen to come and try it

”Why should I participate in things like this?” Ye Chen refused to participate, he didn’t want to be involved in things like this.

”There may be many beautiful women waiting for you,” Mu Xueying said to Ye Chen.

”Oh, beautiful woman. . .” Ye Chen became interested when Mu Xueying said about beautiful women.

”As expected, you will definitely shine when you hear a beautiful woman” Mu Xueying crossed her arms, she was not satisfied with Ye Chen’s reaction.

”Xueying is still the best, those women can’t compare to you,” Ye Chen said to Mu Xueying.

”is it true?” Mu Xueying changed her reaction, she didn’t get angry with Ye Chen.

”Of course, why would I lie?” Ye Chen said with great confidence.

”Don’t talk like that anymore, prepare yourself well, you will leave this afternoon” Mu Xueying told Ye Chen to prepare himself.

”I will go around the Sect” Ye Chen was about to leave, he was curious about what was going on, and the announcement was enough to shock everyone in the Sect.

Ye Chen could sense that there would be quite a number of people discussing this matter.

This was the best time for Ye Chen to find out the situation and information, he wanted to know what kind of information he could get.

Ye Chen descended from Jade Lotus Peak, it just so happened that quite a number of women from Jade Lotus Peak descended and started registering.

Ye Chen followed the women, he was quite curious about the registration that was going on.

When Ye Chen arrived at the registration area, Ye Chen found that a lot of people had registered, the number of people around this place was very large, to be honestly estimating this number of people would be very difficult to do.

”It’s very crowded, I’ve never seen such a large crowd of people.” Honestly, Ye Chen had never seen this number of people, in fact, it was far greater than the number of troops Ye Chen had encountered.

”Looks like it’s impossible to register.” Ye Chen felt that it was impossible to register, the number of people who registered was too large.

”Maybe later” Since the line was still very large, Ye Chen decided not to join the line, there was still enough time until the martial arts competition was held.

Ye Chen walked around, he heard the conversations of everyone he met.

Almost everyone is talking about the God Realm martial arts competition, everyone wants to know if they can pass and enter the God Realm martial arts competition.

The preliminaries would definitely be very tough, out of the millions or even tens of millions of participants in the Sky Cloud Peak Star Realm there would probably only be hundreds or perhaps thousands of people.

”Oh, so there will still be a preliminary round before reaching the God Realm martial arts competition.” Ye Chen understood, he understood what was going to happen.

”This might be a pretty fun thing to do.” Ye Chen felt that if it might be fun, there’s nothing wrong with trying, Ye Chen can come along and have fun.

”Look, there’s a pretty new disciple.” While Ye Chen was gathering information, a pretty big commotion broke out, this big commotion naturally provoked everyone.

Ye Chen was also immediately interested, he saw what was going on.

A beautiful woman came, her immense charm made all men look at her.

This woman’s charm is quite strong, almost the men in this place can’t resist this woman’s charm.

”Who is this woman? her charm is truly enormous” Ye Chen began to wonder who this woman was.

Ye Chen felt familiar with this woman in front of him, he felt he had met this woman.

”Hmmm, who is this woman, seems familiar to me” Ye Chen began to remember the woman in front of him, he began to remember who the woman in front of him was.

”I guess I have to find out” Ye Chen felt that he had to find out about this matter, Ye Chen used his God Eyes ability to find out who this woman in front of him was.

When Ye Chen used God Eyes, Ye Chen finally saw this woman’s true figure, this woman’s seductive beauty and body were not foreign to Ye Chen.

”This woman, why is she in this place” Ye Chen did not expect that he would meet this woman, why is this woman in this place.

This woman was Sun Xuanyin, she was a very troublesome woman for Ye Chen.

Honestly, Ye Chen felt that this woman was always causing trouble for him, plus Ye Chen was quite annoyed with Sun Xuanyin.

”Looks like she’s already aware of your existence, it will be quite troublesome if she finds you,” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen,

Sun Xuanyin had probably discovered Ye Chen’s whereabouts, which was why she had come to this place.

”I won’t let it happen.” Ye Chen wouldn’t let this matter, he wouldn’t let Sun Xuanyin find him.

If Ye Chen exposed himself, then it would be a problem for Ye Chen, it was better for Ye Chen to fight Sun Xuanyin by hiding.

That way Ye Chen could easily put up a fight against Sun Xuanyin.

”So you have decided to fight this woman?” Chu Yuechan asked Ye Chen.

”Of course, I won’t forget what this woman did.” Ye Chen wouldn’t forget what Sun Xuanyin had done, he wouldn’t let this woman escape.

”ohhh, looks like this little goddess is going to get into trouble” Chu Yuechan felt that Sun Xuanyin would get into trouble, fighting Ye Chen would definitely not end well.

”Hehehe, since she wants to disguise herself, then I will also go undercover.” Seeing Sun Xuanyin disguised, Ye Chen also disguised himself and changed his appearance.

Ye Chen’s ability to change appearance was incomparable, he easily changed his appearance and was now impossible for many to recognize.

Ye Chen walked over to Sun Xuanyin, himself watching and approaching Sun Xuanyin.

Ye Chen kept his distance, making sure not to be too conspicuous in front of Sun Xuanyin.

”Too many people, where can I get some information?” Sun Xuanyin looked around, there were too many useless people around.

It wasn’t strange for Sun Xuanyin to say that there were a lot of weak people around this place and it made her dispirited.

Sun Xuanyin looked for some people with high cultivation, they could definitely help her.

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