Chapter 3 The Transfer Student Is A Bahamut

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One week later.
I was going about my days like any other.
I went to school, Cedric bullied me, and I went back to the dorm exhausted…
The cycle kept repeating.

How long could this go on for?
I was sick and tired of it…
But there was nothing I could do about it, I had to accept my situation.

It was on one of those days that an emergency assembly was to be held, so we moved to the academy’s field.

What was going on?
Had something happened, or was something about to happen?

I mean, why the field?
The academy assemblies were always held in the auditorium…

I wondered what was going on, but waited for the teacher to speak.
After a while, the head of the school took the stage.

“Eh… today I’d like to introduce you all to a new friend.”

By new friend, do you mean new student?
But why hold an assembly just to introduce a new student?

At the teacher’s signal, the new student appeared and climbed to the podium.

She’s about… fifteen, the same age as me.
Her black hair, as bright as the night sky, was long and her hair band shined like a star.

Her face was young, and she was more cute than beautiful.
However, it gave off a sense of charm, and this was what will make her popular.
She had an appearance that naturally attracts people.

The body that wears the school uniform was…
I know it’s rude to say this, but it was somewhat undulating.
But in other words, it was healthy and full of energy and strength.

The girl was…

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“Nice to meet you all. My name is Justina Eltoselk!”

She greeted us with a smiling, charming face.


I was so surprised that I was speechless.
I had no idea that the girl from that time would be transferring to my academy…
What a strange coincidence.

Or maybe…fate?


I laughed at myself for thinking such a ridiculous thing.
What kind of destiny was this?
It’s not like anything was going to change just because Justina transferred in.

…That’s what I was thinking about.
But rather seriously, my destiny would change drastically after this.

“Uh… this is Justina-san…”
“I have no reason to be called by my name by my teacher. Only authorized people are allowed to call us by our names, okay? That’s how important a name is to us, you know?”
“Eltoselk-san is here…”

Justina glared at him with a smile, and the teacher reiterated, sweat trickling down his face.

What is it?
It seems like he’s scared to go against Justina, or maybe he’s just scared of her…
Could it be that she is a great aristocrat like Cedric?

“Actually, she is a little… no, quite a bit different from everyone else, she is a little bit special…”
“It’s too much for you. I’ll explain the rest.”

Taking the teacher’s cue, Justina stepped forward.

She cleared his throat then…
She smiled and blurted out a bombshell.

“Actually, I’m not a human, I’m a dragon.”

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After a moment of silence…
Many of the students laughed.

Is she, like, surprisingly funny?
She has a lot of guts to make a joke out of nowhere.
I could hear a few people saying things like that.

Seeing their reaction, Justina sighed.

“I knew you wouldn’t believe me at first. Well, I understand. The teachers didn’t believe me at first, either. That’s why I’m going to show you the evidence now.”

Justina stepped down from the podium with a thump.
Then she moved to a place where no one was around.
As if to say that if there were people around, they would get in the way.


Justina’s body was enveloped in light…
Suddenly, the light became huge and began to shine brightly.

After the light dimmed, there was…
There was a jet-black dragon.


Whose murmur was that, I wonder?
It was probably the voice of everyone in the room, including me.

“I’m serious.”

The jet-black dragon… Justina opened her mouth.
I don’t know how she’s talking, but she’s speaking the proper human language.

“I’m really a dragon. Do you understand me now?”

The students are buzzing and instantly become noisy.
The teachers, on the other hand, looked somewhat resigned and remained very quiet.

I see.
So the teachers knew about Justina’s true identity.

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That’s why they went to the trouble of holding an assembly to announce the arrival of a special new student.
The auditorium would have been damaged, so they decided to use the field.
I guess that’s about it.

“O-Oi…that dragon, could it be the divine dragon Bahamut…?”
“Eh!? It is said to be the strongest of the strongest, standing at the top of the dragons?”
“It’s a legend… it’s said to have defeated the Demon Lord in a complete landslide…”

Various rumors were flying around, and when Justina overheard them, she opened her mouth.

“When you said I fought the demon king and won, you probably mean my mother, right? I may look like this, but I’m still a 15-year-old maiden.”
“But I’m confident in my strength. I think I can blow away up to 10,000 of those demons with one blow.”
“Ha, haha…”

I could no longer help but laugh dryly.

“There we go.”

Justina was surrounded by light…
And reverted back to her human form.
She returned to the podium and continued her story.

“I have something I want to do, and so, I decided to enroll in this school! What is it that I want to do? …Well…”

Justina scampered over to the students and…
Suddenly, her eyes met mine.
Instantly, as if a flower had bloomed, Justina’s face turned into a full-blown smile.

“I found you! I knew you were here!”

Justina jumped down from the platform.
She landed gorgeously on the ground with a thump, and then began to run.

That destination is… me?


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Justina gave me a big hug.

“Alto! Alto, Alto, Alto! I’ve missed you so much!”
“W-Whoa? What are you doing here…?”
“I came here to meet you, Alto!”

The eyes of the surrounding students are all focused on us.
In this situation, Justina drops another bombshell.

“From now on, I’ll be Alto’s cavalry dragon!”
“So you don’t have to worry about anything anymore. You’ll be safe. You’ll be fine!”
“Umm… but Jus-Eltoselk-san? What are you talking about…”
“I’d like you to call me Justina, not Eltoselk. That’s what I introduced myself as the other day, right?”
“No, but… it’s a very important name, isn’t it?”
“It’s very important.”
“Then I can’t.”
“No, I’m fine if it’s Alto♪”

She also hugged me tightly.

“Alto is someone I approve of, you know. I don’t like it if you don’t call me by my first name, or rather… you called me by my last name.”
“Uh… Justina?”

When I called out her name, she looked extremely happy.


One of the students spoke to us timidly.

“What in the world is your relationship…?”

Then, Justina dropped one of the biggest bombshells of the day.

“I’ve fallen in love with Alto at first sight. That’s why I followed him to this school! So our relationship is more like… a future husband and wife!”

After a moment of silence.


Everyone in the room, including me, shouted in astonishment.

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