Chapter 6 Punishment

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I told Alto I had business to attend to, and after eating my meal, I left Alto early and exited the rooftop.

If I’m being honest, I want to stay with Alto.
I want to spend time with him until recess ends.
I want to be pampered and have my head stroked again if I can.


Before I do that, there is something I need to do.
I didn’t enter the academy just to chase after Alto.

Of course, it’s important to make your love come true…
But there are other things that are just as important.

Like what, you may ask?
The answer is… to eliminate Alto’s enemies.




“So… what does that mean?”

Sitting on the sofa in the headmaster’s office, Justina casted a cold glance downward.
The headmaster and the deputy headmaster were… on the floor, and besides them was the homeroom teacher.

They are all pale-faced and sweating profusely and abnormally.

And they should have been.
Justina was currently in one of the worst moods ever.
She was outrageously grumpy.

To anger a dragon means one forfeited their life.
In addition, Justina was not just an ordinary dragon.
She was the one who stands at the top of dragon kind… the Bahamut, the divine dragon.

Even though she was only a 15-year-old girl…
If Justina got really violent, Almort would not be able to do anything and would disappear off the face of the planet.

To have angered a being with that much power…
The headmasters did not feel like living anymore.

“There are cases of bullying in this academy. What do you know about it?”
“I’m ashamed to admit that I didn’t know there was such a thing, and I’m ashamed of my lack of knowledge…”

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“You really didn’t know?”

The headmaster was at a loss for words.

“I… don’t like it when people lie to me. So, I’ll ask you again. Did you really not know that there were cases of bullying?”
“I-I’m really sorry! I actually did know!”
“I see… so you knew about it?”

The pressure from Justina became stronger.
It was as if the air was screaming.
It was as if an invisible wall was pressing down on them, making it difficult for the headmasters to breathe.

“Well… I don’t blame you for the bullying, per se. No matter how careful you are, things like that will happen, no matter how big or small. Yeah. I don’t blame you for that.”

With a small pause, Justina said, like a judge announcing a verdict.

“Knowing that people are being bullied and letting it happen…You know, I’m not so sure about this.
I’m so sorry!”
“You’re a teacher, right? If a student is in trouble, you should help him or her, right? Yet you turned a blind eye to them… is that the right thing to do?”
“I’m really sorry—!!!”

The headmaster could no longer do anything but apologize.
They can only continue to get down on their knees.

“This academy is like the proof of harmony between us dragons and humans. It’s like a sign of cooperation as partners who will walk together. That’s why we offered our bodies as mounts to help the dragon knights.”
“Yes, yes! That’s exactly right!”
“But… We dragons can’t lend our strength to dragon knights who willingly bully others. If we were to do that, we would stain our own pride and hearts. I’m not trying to be arrogant, but I’m what you would consider to be a princess in human terms. Shall I go back to the mountain and report this? That this academy… and even Almort, is not a place that deserves the dragons’ strength…?”

Imagining the scene, the headmaster let out a scream.
A genuine scream.

If the dragon’s cooperation was lost, Almort would perish.
There was no doubt about it.
That’s how strongly Almort depended on the power of the dragon.

What if, because they overlooked the bullying, the dragons ceased their cooperation with humans?

First of all, he would definitely be punished.
And not just any punishment.
As the fool of the century, he would be punished by death nine times out of ten.

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First of all, they will definitely be punished.
And not just any punishment.
As the fools of the century, they will be punished with death nine times out of ten.

“P-Please don’t do that! Please, I beg you—!!!”

The headmaster was desperately pleading with her, breaking out in a great deal of cold sweat.
Both the deputy headmaster and the teacher rubbed their heads repeatedly on the floor as well, knowing that they were in the same boat as the headmaster.

“I’m really sorry! I’m truly sorry!”
“Aren’t you apologizing to the wrong person? You should be apologizing to the person who was bullied, not me.”
“Y-Yes. You’re right…”

Justina sighed.

What a boring human he was.
All he could think about was his own self-preservation and luxury. He would do anything to save it.
Didn’t he have any sense of pride?

My father and mother told me about a hero who was quite a wonderful person…
However, this person was nowhere close to the hero my parents spoke of.

This is what I think, but I would never be disappointed in humanity.
Because the person I fell in love with was also a human.

I decided not to show my anger and my other emotions at the moment.
What I needed to do now was to make sure that the person I loved could live their lives at the academy with peace of mind.

“Listen. In the future, don’t let this happen again. I’m not saying to stop the bullying completely, but when it happens, deal with it properly and honestly.”
“Y-Yes! I’ll keep that in mind!!!”

The headmasters just kept repeating their apologies and understanding.
Seeing them like this, Justina felt a little uneasy.

Are these people listening to me?
Do they even understand what I’m trying to say?
Aren’t they just repeating their apologies?

To deal with this concern, Justina decided to nail it down firmly.

“Then, I’ll leave you to it.”
“Y-Yes. Of course…!”

Justina turned to leave the headmaster’s office.
Seeing this, the deans were relieved that the storm had finally passed.

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But it was a mistake.

Spinning around, Justina turned at the door.
Her face was… smiling.

“Ah, yeah, one last thing.”
“I-Is something the matter!?”
“If something like that happens again… I won’t forgive you, okay?”

When her absolute zero voice told them that they would not be forgiven a second time, the headmasters were terrified as if their souls would be drained.

“I’ll only allow you to fail once. No second chances, okay?”
“Ha, Yes…!”
“Don’t forget that. Bye.”

Justina dropped her threat with a smile and left the headmaster’s office.

The three remaining were haunted by the image of Justina’s cold smile…
For a while, they trembled in fear.




“Oh, sh*t, oh, sh*t, oh, sh*t, ohhhhh! D*mn it, it hurts, it hurtsss!!!”

On a bed in the infirmary, Cedric, covered in bandages, groaned.

After being hit by a blow from Justina…
He was brought to the infirmary and treated with magic by the doctor in charge.

Fortunately, the doctor in charge was excellent and Cedric didn’t suffer any long lasting injuries.
However, as expected, it was not a complete recovery in one day.
He was in no condition to move right away, and was even less able to alleviate the pain…
On the bed, Cedric was in agony.

“D*mn that woman, I’ll never forgive her… for doing this to me…! I’m going to get her on her knees and then I’m going to f*ck her until she goes crazy!”

Cedric never seemed to learn his lesson.
He seemed to have forgotten that he had been hit by a single decapitating blow and began to spew out curses incessantly.

Just then, the door to the infirmary opened and the teacher showed up.

“Um… Astheim-kun. Are you okay…?”

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“Of course I’m not okay! Are your eyes rotten!?”

Cedric talked back to everyone, including his teachers, but this was an everyday occurrence.
Intoxicated by the fact that he was the son of an influential nobleman, Cedric truly believed that everyone in the academy should kneel to him.

The teachers were afraid of his power and could not go against him…
As a result, Cedric became full of himself.
In a way, it could be said that the teachers were negligent.

“Um… how’s your injury?”
“I don’t care about these injuries! It hurts like h*ll! F*ck, d*mn it!”
“Hey, where’s the girl!?”
“Oh, by the girl, do you mean… Eltoselk-san?”
“Yes, the dragon b*tch! You’ve got to be sh*tting me… bring her to me! Tie her up, make her immobile, and bring her before me.”
“Uh… I’m sorry, I can’t do that.”
“Eh, what!?”

The teacher shivered as Cedric glared at him.
It was quite shameful that a teacher was scared of his student.

However, he couldn’t follow Cedric’s orders.

“I’m sorry… that is impossible. I can’t help you with her, Astheim-kun…”
“Why the h*ll not!? All this time, you’ve been hemming and hawing and doing whatever I tell you to do…! Have you forgotten who I am!? I’m the eldest son of one of the five great noble families of Astheim! I can have you fired at any time!”
“But the other party is a dragon princess, you know? In addition, she is a divine dragon… a Bahamut, which has the power to destroy this country alone. We can’t make an enemy of someone like that.”
“Then you… would rather make my family an enemy?”
“Well, that can’t be helped… that is the conclusion.”
“This is the consensus of the academy… Astheim-kun, your family’s authority may be terrifying. But even more than that, Eltoselk-san is many… many times more terrifying than you will ever be. She’s the only one you should never have made enemies with…”

He said frightenedly.
The teacher left the infirmary without any further words from Cedric.

Cedric was left alone…

“D*mn it, d*mn it all! I’m not going to let this end so easily!”

He was spilling his resentment without changing.



[TLN: SMH should have just killed Cedric off, he should be dead so we can have romcom.]
[EDN: Honestly, if the headmaster caused the dragons to turn against Almort he would be killed 10/10 times, not 9/10 considering how dependent they are on dragons with maybe his family alongside him.]

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