Chapter 9 Ambush

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The Dragon Knight Academy was built on the outskirts of the city because of the large space it required to function properly.
The dormitory was located on the same site, but it was a ten-minute walk to the school building.

Justina walked alone through the academy grounds at night…
She walked straight out of the academy.

The suburbs consisted mostly of empty plains, as development had not yet been completed.
The outside of the academy grounds was also filled with empty plains, with nothing else other than a road leading to the city.

Magic stones… There were streetlights made of magic stones set up at even intervals, so there was no need to worry about lighting.
The moon was also out, so she could see the surrounding scenery faintly.

There was no one in sight except for Justina.
Even though this was the royal capital of the Dragon Kingdom of Almort, it was not a perfectly safe place.
There were people who planned to do bad things, and there were incidents of demons entering the city.
For this reason, there were only a few people who chose to go out at night.

Just a single girl.
Justina alone.

And yet…
Justina seemed convinced that there was someone else, and called out.

“Come on out of there.”

There was no reply.
Even so, Justina continued.

“You’ve been watching me since I was in the dorm, haven’t you? You haven’t been able to completely kill your presence. If that thing follows me all the time, it’s like you’re confessing that you’re watching me.”

After the second time she spoke, there was a voice that responded.
An eerie laughter echoed in the darkness of the night.

Then, a man appeared from the darkness.
The man, wearing the uniform of the Dragon Knight Academy, was… Cedric.

“Apparently, you’ve noticed me, but then why did you come here alone? Are you trying to tell me that you lured me out here on purpose? You’ve got to be kidding me… Such an arrogant idea, I’m going to…”
“Oh, yes, yes. I don’t need to hear you ramble on. In any case, you’re going to resent me for what I did to you and attack me or get back at me or something, aren’t you? Then I’ll end this quickly.”
“Gu, you…!”

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Cedric thought he had caught Justina off guard and surprised her.
However, for Justina, it was well within her expectations.

Cedric grew increasingly annoyed at Justina’s relaxed attitude.
However, as he didn’t need to be in a hurry, Cedric now showed a relaxed smile.

“I haven’t forgotten what you did to me this morning. …I’ve finished the treatment, but I’m still tingling where you hit me. Whether you’re a dragon or a princess, don’t think you’ll get away with it for free after raising your hand to me, okay?”
“…That’s actually my line.”

Justina glared at Cedric.
For a moment, the atmosphere trembled.
Feeling that much pressure, Cedric couldn’t help but take a step backwards.

“You were bullying Alto, weren’t you? You were tormenting my beloved Alto, weren’t you? I’ll never forgive you for that.”

She said coldly, sharply, like a blade.
As a dragon stands at the top of all living things.
The Bahamut, the dragon that stands above the other dragons, was rumbling with anger.

An ordinary person would have fainted or fallen into a state of panic.
That was how intimidating she was.

However, Cedric was one of the best students in the academy.
Even in the face of an angry Bahamut, he had the courage to stay where he was and face her.

“I’ll let you off the hook if you just disappear from our lives right now and never show up again.”
“Haha, you think I’d listen to that shit?”
“Yeah, that’s right… if you are such an auspicious person, you wouldn’t try to attack me in the dark, would you… but you think you can beat me? I showed you the difference between our strengths this morning.”
“Normally, I wouldn’t be able to beat you. You’re a dragon, and at that, a Bahamut. A novice dragon knight like me can’t match you.”
“Fumm. So you’re able to properly grasp the difference in strength between you and your opponent? So why did you think of such a stupid thing?”
“That’s… because of this!”

Cedric took out a dagger with a letter-like pattern on the blade and stabbed it into the ground.
The light spread from the dagger and formed a circle of light around Justina.
In addition, a magic circle emerged within it, and particles of light sprang up.

“This is…!?”
“It’s a ward to seal off the dragon’s power. You can’t do anything about it, can you?”

Dragons have souls that are clearer than those of humans, and they carry a noble spirit in their hearts…

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It was not that they are all pure, but there are some that are corrupted by evil.

The wards that Cedric used were developed to capture such dragons.
It greatly dampens the dragon’s power and greatly limits its abilities.
On the other hand, it has no effect on people.
It was quite an impressive device.

However, because there is no guarantee that someone like Cedric will not misuse it, the wards were kept in strict confidence and could only be used by certain people…

“Ku…where did you get this?”
“You underestimated the power of my house. For my house, it’s easy enough to aquire a ward like this. Everyone knows how foolish it is to defy my house!”
“So, you’re saying that there are a lot of people who helped you obtain this…?”
“Yeah, that’s right! There’s a lot of people who don’t like dragons like you.”
“Who’s that…?”
“Well… you don’t have the right or the obligation to know who that is, and you should be worrying about yourself.”
“I’m going to make you regret what you’ve done to me. I’m going to rape you, rape you, rape you, and then I’m going to kill you and rape you again.”

Cedric drew his sword from his waist.
He walked over to Justina, who was kneeling on the ground and unable to move.

“Even if you don’t have a dragon’s power, you can probably resist like a human. That’s troublesome, so I’m going to cut off your limbs first. Your a dragon, you won’t die from that.””
“You are…!”
“Let’s… get started!”

Cedric had a lecherous smile plastered all over his face and raised his sword.
He aimed at Justina’s hand and swung it down…





“Alto…? Why… are you here…?”

I heard Justina’s curious voice.
I couldn’t see her face, though, because I was facing Cedric and blocking his sword…

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She was probably just confused.

For the first time, I was able to surprise Justina.
It was times like this that I felt like I’d accomplished something.

“How could I not be concerned when you suddenly left like that? I went to the academy and asked the security guard, and he said that Justina hadn’t come… I looked everywhere for you.”
“I told you not to worry about me…”
“I told you before. Justina is a girl, and I will worry about you when you say things like that.”
“Alto… ehehe, thank you.”

Now then…

At first, I was able to find Justina safely.
However, I’m not sure if we would be able to return home unscathed.

During this time, Cedric and I were having a battle of strength with his sword and my spear…
Cedric looked surprised for a moment at my intervention, but quickly smiled in amusement and applied more pressure on his sword.

“Oi oi oi, look who it is, it’s Estenia. Why is the fool here, huh? Are you trying to get in my way? Hey, hey, are you going to do something so stupid?”
“Of course! I will not let you hurt Justina.”
“You… How dare you become so cocky just because I left you alone for a day? A foolish dropout like you dares to defy me, an elite with a promising future? You’ve got to be shitting me!”

The pressure on Cedric’s sword increased even more.
There was also the problem that my weapon was a training spear…
What was even more frustrating was that there was a strength difference between me and Cedric.
I was getting pushed back further and further.

“Oh yeah, I’ve got an idea.”

Cedric spoke happily as he continued to push his sword down.

“Estenia… you, fuck that cheeky dragon twat.”
“I’ll make sure you have a good time. Listen to me.”
“Are you… insane!?”
“What, you’re worried about being found out? You don’t have to worry about that. What do you think my house is? It’s one of the five great noble houses! I don’t care if it’s the Dragon Princess or not, there’s no way I’ll leave any evidence.”

With Cedric’s personality, he might actually do it…
It would be easy to destroy the evidence for one of the five great noble houses.

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“She likes you, so what’s the harm in fucking her? I’m such a good guy, giving Estenia a good time. Yeah, yeah, yeah. When you fuck her, you fuck her until she breaks. That’s the deal. I’m going to have a prime seat to watch you destroy that little girl.”
“…You gotta be kidding me.”
“I said, ‘Fuck you’!”

Like magma erupting, a fierce anger rises up in me.
My whole body is hot.
I push back against Cedric’s sword with that anger.

“Ku… what the hell is this power?”
“I would never do anything to hurt Justina!”
“You dare to defy me? Estenia!”
“I will defy you! I’ve had enough… of being at the mercy of people like you!”

I will break away from my weak self…
With all the courage I could muster, I will confront Cedric.

“Justina saved me. That’s why… I’ll protect her this time!”

The moment I said those words, I felt a strange surge of power.
It was a power I had never felt before.

I can do anything now!

I flipped the spear around and struck Cedric’s sword away with the hilt.
Losing his sword, Cedric was left defenseless.
I continued to rotate the spear and swing it from right to left.


The handle of the spear struck Cedric hard on the side.
Cedric let out a scream like a crushed insect and rolled on the ground.

At this moment… I succeeded in defeating my symbol of fear with my own hands.



[TLN: This chapter is kinda heavy, there were a lot of cough questionable words, I just wanted to ask if you readers would like to see them censored, it would be like f*ck and etc.]

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