Chapter 10 Scum Cleaning

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“Are you alright, Justina?”

When I ran over to Justina, she was just sitting in place.


No response.
I fluttered my hand in front of her, but there was still no response.

Could it be because of the ward…?
I hurriedly pulled out the dagger that was stabbed into the ground.
The magic circle drawn with light disappeared and Justina’s restraint disappeared.

However, she still didn’t respond.


There was a slight reaction.
She was following me with her eyes.

If I went left, she looked left.
If I went right, she looked right.
She’s following me with her eyes, her cheeks red.

“Umm… Justina?”

When I tapped her on the shoulder, she seemed to have noticed me and jumped up.

“What’s the matter, why did you space out? Did Cedric do something before I got here? I deactivated the ward already…”
“N-No. I’m fine. Wait, no, I’m not okay.”
“Where are you hurt?”
“Mmm… I’ve got a heart attack. It shot through my heart with great force…!”
“Heart? Heart?”

Justina placed her hands on her chest…
She said while taking a glance at me.

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It was as if she can’t look directly at me right now.

“Alto, you come to the rescue at the most opportune time. I felt like I was a princess in a story… fu. I’m falling more and more in love with Alto.”
“I-I see.”

That’s what she meant, so I gave her a heart attack… huh?

I’m glad to know that she wasn’t really hurt…
Though for me, there was a point that I was still confused about.

“You… son of a bitch!”

Wobbling, Cedric got up and stared at me with bloodshot eyes.

He could still move.
To still move after that, he was truly fitting to be one of the best students.

“Hey, that’s enough! You guys, kill these bastards!”

At Cedric’s signal, a numerous number of people appeared one after another from the darkness of the night.
They must have been hiding there beforehand.

They’ve surrounded us…
There were twelve of them in all.
All of them had swords, and their movements were professional.

One of them stabbed the ward back into the ground.
The magic circle of light was created again.

“Tch… I can’t believe I have to use these people I’ve been hiding in case of emergency against you bastards. I’m getting tired of all this.”
“Cedric, you…! You think you can do this to Justina and get away with it for free!? Justina is a dragon, and she is the divine dragon, the Bahamut!”
“Haha, what about it! To put it that way, I’m the eldest son of Astheim, one of the five great noble families! There is no one who can stand against me, and if there is anyone who challenges me, I will eliminate them. I’ll not only kill them, I’ll erase them socially as well. I could do that in no time!”

This guy was no good.
There was no way to get through to him.
Maybe he was so angry that his thought process was fried.

I held my spear and shielded Justina with my body.
If it was just me, that’s fine, but Justina…!

“Don’t worry. I’ll protect Justina.”

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“I won’t let you touch her, not even for a second.”

With a resolve to die, I tried to intercept Cedric and the other attackers…

“Thank you, Alto. Heh heh. I’m really happy to hear you say that. It makes me love you even more. But, you know, you don’t have to.”
“Because… there was no way they could handle me with just this ward.”

Justina stomped the earth forcefully.
Her body was enveloped in light…
And a jet-black dragon, deeper than the darkness of night, descended.


Cedric and his underlings were shocked…

“H-How is that possible!? How can you turn back into a dragon!? The ward has been deployed!!!?”

As he continued to ramble, Cedric panicked in an amusing way.
It was funny to see him in such a state.

“That ward’s purpose is to seal the dragon’s power. It was a solid one, and it worked just fine, okay? But you know… it’s not a good idea to lump me in with ordinary dragons. This ward, does nothing to me.”
“That’s bullshit! Earlier, you were on your knees and couldn’t move!”
“Ahh, that? I was just pretending, that’s all. I was going to let you get carried away, and then at the height of your power, I’m going to turn it around and knock you into the depths of despair. That’s just how I was trying to break your heart.”

T-That’s pretty black hearted.

“Well, I was so happy that Alto came running over to my rescue earlier that I got all flustered and couldn’t really get up… basically, there’s nothing wrong with me. It might work with an ordinary dragon, but did you really think that it would work on me?”

At the moment, it felt as if the air had been frozen.
The overwhelming aura that Justina gave off swallowed up Cedric and his underlings, and… I was caught up in it too.

No one could speak, we could only tremble in such a terrifying presence.
In the midst of all this, Justina declared with a radiating aura of a ruler.

“The one who stands at the top of the dragons… the divine dragon Bahamut. Witness its power with your own eyes.”

Justina roared.
It was as if nature had given her power.

The clouds swirled downward.

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The clouds weren’t swirling, they were being pulled down by turbulence.
The blade-sharp wind became a tornado, and it quickly grew in size.

When the tornado grew to exceed even Justina’s size…
It swallowed up the surrounding marauders, almost like it was eating them alive.

The marauders were thrown high into the air, flailing in the tornado.
Then, they fell.
Unable to resist, and unable to escape, they were finished in an instant.

She was taking it easy on them.
The attackers were groaning in pain, but none of them were dead.


Cedric paled, he couldn’t believe that his underlings had been defeated in an instant.
His face immediately burned in anger and he looked furious.

“What the hell are you guys doing? Wake up! We paid a lot of money to hire you mercenaries!”
“I don’t think they can.”

Justina told him flatly.

“I’ve shattered a few bones here and there with the tornado, not to mention the state of their body. I don’t think they’ll be able to move on their own, let alone get up in the first place. I’d recommend calling a healer.”
“That’s ridiculous, impossible…! These guys are mercenaries, but they’re a hunting party that’s said to be just as capable as regular dragon knights! They’re known as ‘Red Lotus Fang,’ they are well known across the continent!”
“I can do it, can’t I? You’ve seen it with your own eyes.”
“Bullshit…that’s ridiculous…”

Cedric’s momentum was waning.
I don’t understand how I should feel right now.

To break through the dragon-sealing ward, and control the climate.
She was like a god.

It was difficult to think of defying such absolute power when it was displayed.

“Now… it’s your turn, isn’t it?”

Justina took a step forward.
The ground trembled, and Cedric shook along with the vibration.

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“You’re not going to hurt me, are you? Don’t underestimate the power of the Astheim family! I’ll make you regret this for sure…! I’m not going to attack you now, but I’m going to socially wipe you out!”
“Justina, don’t worry about me. If you mess with Cedric, you’re in real trouble…”
“Don’t worry, Alto.”

Justina answered confidently, as if she could handle it.

“The Astheim family, right? I thought it sounded familiar somewhere… ah I remember it. They came to my father’s place last year to say hello.”
“I didn’t think they were that great because they were so obsequious and lowly… I see. They called themselves one of the five great noble families. And as a member of that family… you are bullying Alto. I won’t allow it… You don’t seem remorseful either, so why don’t I destroy your family?”
“W-What a stupid… thing for a dragon to do…”
“You think I can’t? I’m a dragon princess…and you’re a nobleman. Now, here’s the question. Which one will Almort prioritize?”

I’ve tasted the power of the Astheim family firsthand.
That’s why I forgot about it…
The power that Justina has was no less than that.
Rather, it was far superior.

This was a country that coexisted with dragons.
However, there was a part of the country that relied heavily on the power of dragons…
If the dragons were to withdraw their support, Almort would surely be destroyed.
Humans and dragons seemed to be equals, but the dragons held the power.

Can the country pick a fight with the top of the dragons?
The answer is no, they can’t.

For the first time, Cedric had an enemy against whom the power of his house could not overpower.
His opponent had no intention of showing any mercy.
When Justina reverted to her human form, she chuckled…

“Now it’s time for the spanking♪ Ah, don’t worry, I’m not going to kill you. But… I’m going to make sure that you never think of doing anything stupid again. Hmmm… mmmhmmm.”
“No… Nooooooooooooooooo!!!?”

With an indescribable smile on her face, Justina dragged Cedric, his face smeared with tears and snot, to the side of the street and then disappeared.
Soon after, I hear the sound of something being punched and a scream…
For now, I’ll pretend not to hear anything.


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