“Simply put, Alto’s physical capabilities are off the charts right now.”

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That night after the exams.
In my dorm room, I was listening to Justina’s explanation about what happened during the exam.

“You had spent a month with the Dragon Shackles, where gravity was doubled. A nutritional drink was also used to stimulate growth. This has the effect of roughly ten years worth of training.”
“Ten years… really?”
“I’m not lying. Well, it’s just a rough calculation, but… I think it’s about right.”

I was taken aback, but it made sense.
If I had gotten ten years worth of training, it would be possible for me to gain that much power.


My body shuddered.
I’m getting stronger.
With this, maybe I could grow to become a hero…

“But don’t get carried away.”

As if she could see right through me, Justina said to calm me.

“Thanks to the training of the Dragon Shackles, Alto’s physical abilities have indeed improved greatly. But if you look at the world as a whole, there’s still a long way off. There are many people who are better than Alto. And besides, just because your physical ability has increased, your fighting skills have not been refined.”
“So now I’m all about power and nothing else….”
“I’m going to sound harsh here, but you’re right.”

I admonish myself for getting carried away.
I was getting carried away with all the things that had happened…
I don’t think it would be a good idea to get into a bad situation like that.

“Thank you, Justina.”
“Fuh? Why are you thanking me?”
“You admonished me. If it hadn’t been for your words, I might have gotten carried away and made a terrible mistake. So, thank you.”
“You’re a humble boy, Alto. I think it’s okay to brag and get carried away a little bit.”
“If I just want to be an ordinary dragon knight, that might be fine, but… I want to become a hero. My goal is far away, so I need to become strong.”
“Then I’ll support you with that.”
“Can I count on you?”

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“Of course!”

Justina nodded with a huge smile on her face.




I, Alto Estenia, am an ordinary being.

I was born the son of an innkeeper in the rural town of Almort.
In fact, there was nothing… similar to the blood of a noble within me.
There was nothing special about me.
I was a very normal child.

I played with the neighborhood kids of the same age until the sun went down….
Twice a week, we went to school to learn.
Almort was a rich country, and they put a lot of effort into the education of their people.
I remember that I was reluctant to go to school because studying was boring for a child.

I was living such a normal life.
If nothing had happened, I would have grown up to be a normal adult and taken over my parents’ inn.

But… one day, my life reached a turning point.

It happened one day.
I was having fun with my friends, and we went out for a long walk, and I got lost.
I had been told that it was dangerous to go outside the city because of the demonic creatures, but I still found myself out there.

I didn’t know how to get home, but there was nothing I could do about it.
Half crying, I was desperately looking for a way back to the city when I was attacked by a… demonic beast.

I didn’t feel alive
At that time, I thought I was going to die here.

Then, a dragon descended from the sky.

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The dragon became my shield to protect me…
And the knight riding on its back kicked the demonic creatures away.

Dragon Knight.

Flying with a dragon to defeat the enemy.
When I saw their power, I instantly fell in love with them.
I had a strong longing for them.

I wanted to be a dragon knight too.
I wanted to be strong.
And… I want to help someone.

This feeling did not disappear as time went by, but rather, it grew day by day.
I made up my mind to enter the Dragon Knight Academy.

That was the starting point of my heart that yearned to be a hero.

I wanted to be able to save others in the same way I was saved.
I wanted the power to do so.
That’s why I want to be a hero.

It was with this in mind that I saved the girl who had been tangled up with Cedric.
I saved Justina.

I believe there’s something I can do…
Maybe I will continue to search for my purpose.

Because that’s what it means to be me.





One day after school.

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As soon as class was over, Justina smiled and hugged me.

“H-Hey. What are you doing?”
“An expression of affection. Ehehe.”
“No, you can’t. Get off me.”
“Eh, why?”
“Why, you say…”

Justina’s body, if you’ll pardon the expression, was not very undulating.
But she’s a firm girl for some reason, so she’s soft all over the place…
And she smells nice and very sweet…

Or am I a pervert for taking such things seriously?

Anyway, I didn’t want her to hug me, so I gently pulled her away.

“Goodness, Alto is so shy. But that part of you is cute, too♪”

Justina was not disheartened.


Suddenly, I made eye contact with a classmate.
He was looking at me.
However, as soon as our eyes met, he immediately looked away.

Cedric disappeared, I showed my ability in the exam, and Justina was there…
This has helped me not to be bullied anymore.
But the fact that I’m floating around in the class is still the same.
I guess my classmates don’t know how to treat me anymore.

As for me, I want to get along with everyone.
Some of them were in Cedric’s good graces… others, most of my classmates, were irrelevant and were never bullied.
They just turned a blind eye to it.
I can’t blame them for that, because I understood the fear that I might be caught in it too.

So I didn’t mind.

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Likewise, I wish my classmates would stop being concerned about it…
Though it wasn’t easy.

“What’s wrong, Alto?”
“No, it’s nothing. Let’s go home.”
“Sure… I would say that, but I have some business to attend to. I’m sorry, but could you go home first?”
“That’s unusual. What kind of business is it?”
“Umm… I-I’m not sure if I’m ready for that, or rather if my heart is ready for it… So I think it’s better if I go by myself.”

Why was she embarrassed?

“Well… I’d like to go buy some panties.”
“I-I see… I’m sorry. That was a weird question.”
“No, don’t worry about it! I’m still a little embarrassed about it right now, but…but I’d love it if you could tell me what kind of panties you like.”

I don’t want to talk about something that is very difficult to respond to.
For now, I pretended I hadn’t heard it.

Later, when I left the school building, I separated from Justina and left her alone.
I walked straight down the path leading to the dormitory.


There were several students in the shadows… of the school building, out of sight.
They were all boys.
There were three of them surrounding one.

They seemed to be struggling and arguing with each other.
That’s why I was able to find out about it…

“Hey, hey, hey.”

A group of three suddenly lost their temper and started beating the single student.
The student fought back bravely, but it seemed that three against one was indeed a tough fight, and he was quickly pushed back.

“I don’t even have a training spear… yeah, I’ll just have to make do!”

Unable to leave him alone, I rushed out.

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