A few days later.

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I arrived at school with Justina like usual, and moved to the classroom.

“Good morning.”
“Oh… G-Good morning… Estenia-kun.”
“Well… it’s a beautiful morning.”

When I greeted them, my classmates returned the greeting, albeit awkwardly.
Until now, they’ve been blatantly ignoring me…
But that was no longer the case.
They were responding to me normally now.

I felt very freshed.
I just greeted them, but I felt so radiant.

“Alto, you look happy.”
“How do you know?”
“I mean, it’s because I love you.”

Justina was still being Justina.

“I’m glad to see that the environment around Alto has improved.”
“It’s all thanks to Justina. Thanks a lot.”
“I had nothing to do with it. It was all up to Alto to pave the way on his own. I’m happy and proud to have such a master.”

Me and Justina are not officially registered as partners yet, but…
It seemed that in Justina’s mind, her choice to become my cavalry dragon was a done deal.

“Yo, Alto!”

Someone slapped me on the back with a thud.
I turned around and saw Gran and Jeannie..

“Hey, Nii-san. What kind of greeting is that out of the blue? Alto-kun looked troubled.”
“That’s not true, is it? It’s normal for a man to greet someone like this. Hey, Alto?”
“No… please don’t suddenly slap me on the back. I’d be surprised.”
“Gosh, Alto betrayed me.”
“Goodness… sorry, Alto-kun. Stupid Nii-san.”

Jeannie was a classmate and Gran’s twin sister.
She’s Gran’s twin sister who doesn’t resemble a bear, and gives off a completely different feeling than her brother.

She had very little resemblance to Gran.
She was a very beautiful girl, perhaps because she looked like her mother.

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My eyes were drawn to her dignified expression.
Only her eyes, that seem strong-willed, seemed to resemble Gran’s.

She had blonde hair like Gran’s, and her long hair was tied up with a ribbon.
It was a girlish touch, and I honestly thought it was cute.

Her body was clearly defined, showing where bulges should be and retracting where it should be.
Justina was staring at Jeannie’s body with a bit of envy.

“Good morning, Jeannie.”
“Good morning, Alto-kun. And good morning to you as well, Eltoselk-san.”
“Mmm, Good morning.”

After a recent incident…
Gran became my friend and I was able to get to know his sister, Jeannie, as well.

Jeannie bowed to me, as did Gran…
I didn’t pay any attention to it and ended the matter.
It felt better to laugh with them.

At first, Justina alienated them, but…
The more time she spent with them, the more she began to like their straightforward personalities and stopped being so standoffish.
On the contrary, she seemed to hit it off with them, especially with Jeannie.

Come to think of it, would Jeannie be the first same-sex friend for Justina?
Not only interacting with me alone….
I’d like to see her interact with more people.

“Anyway, Gran and Jeannie are brother and sister, aren’t they?”

Suddenly, Justina asked such a question.

“Yeah, correct.”
“No, what does that mean!?”
“Exactly what I said. Hahaha.”

Although Gran stared at her, Jeannie smiled as if she didn’t care.
She had a lot of guts.

“Hmm, they don’t look alike.”
“I don’t want to look anything like her.” “I don’t want to look anything like him.”
“Ha-ha-ha. You’re in perfect sync.””

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Gran and Jeannie looked unhappy with each other.
It seemed that the thought of resemblance was disgraceful to them both.

But it’s not that they don’t get along.
Their trust in each other was apparent…
I think they are good siblings.

“That’s nice.”

Justina said enviously, looking at Gran and Jeannie.
I was curious, so I asked her.

“What do you envy about Gran and Jeannie?”
“That they get along.”
“She doesn’t want to get along with her brother…”
“Well, I know. I know Jeannie. She’s a bit of a tsundere. She can’t be honest.”
“Who’s a tsundere!”
“But she and Gran are really close, you know? They spend a lot of time together, and… it’s like they’re equals. I think they are the ideal brother and sister.”

There was a feeling of longing in Justina as she spoke of such things.

“Does Justina want a brother or sister?”
“Hmm? It’s not like that. I have a sister.”
“Eh, you do?”
“Yeah. I have a sister above me.”

It was a surprising fact.
Thinking about it, I know very little about Justina’s family, or even her personal information.

She was a dragon, the divine dragon Bahamut.
She was the dragon princess.

That was about all I knew.
I might want to make an effort to get to know her instead of being complacent about the current situation.

“I’m jealous of Gran and Jeannie because I have a weird relationship with mine.”
“You two don’t get along?”
“No. I think we get along pretty well, but there’s a little problem with my sister…”

What was the problem?
I was curious, but Justina looked so depressed that I couldn’t help but wait for the right moment.

In the meantime, the teacher arrived and the first period started.

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Cedric Astheim was expelled from the academy.

Cedric was the main tormentor of Alto, and the origin.
With this, at first glance, Alto seemed to have regained his peaceful life.
The main culprit of the bullying disappeared…
He was also able to make peace with my classmates.

But it wasn’t not over yet.

His classmates couldn’t defy Cedric, but that didn’t mean they could actively engage in bullying, so they turned a blind eye.
They felt bad.
With such classmates, they would be able to make peace with Alto.
[TLN: Excuse F*CKING me? I fElT BaD]

But there were those who didn’t.

There are those who actively participated in Cedric’s bullying and enjoyed it.
From their point of view, the current situation was not amusing.
One less toy to play with.
One less way to relieve stress.

There was a student who had such a selfish idea.

Jas Rakustin.

He was one of Cedric’s cronies, though not in the same class as Cedric and Alto.
Although not as powerful as the five great noble families, his family had a certain amount of power.
Using that power as a shield, he has done whatever he wanted, just like Cedric.
He also did whatever he wanted with Alto.

But that was not possible now.
Justina’s appearance instantly disrupted the balance of power in the academy.
Cedric was forced to leave.
Even the teachers who had pretended to ignore him began to take Justina’s side.

“Goodness… this is not interesting at all.”

Jus muttered irritably to himself, alone in his room.

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To make an enemy of Justina would mean ruin.
He understood that fully when he saw the end that Cedric had reached.

However, he doesn’t want to give up his toy, Alto.
He wanted to torment him as much as he could and have him serve as a tool to relieve stress.

“Now… what shall I do?”
“I think you should do what you want.”

Suddenly, the voice of an unseen third party sounded.

“Who are you!?”

The next thing he knew, there was someone in a black robe in his room.
Jas had no idea how long they had been there.

“My apologies. I’m afraid I startled you.”

The one in the robe bowed his head apologetically.
They had an androgynous voice that Jas couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman.

“Who are you? Are you ready to face the consequences of coming into my room?”
“I can’t tell you who I am, but I can tell you that I’m on your side.”
“My side…?”
“Alto Estenia. And Justina Eltoserlk. These are the two people you’re currently struggling with, right?”
“I’m sure I can arrange the best situation for you. You are a wise man, and I am confident that you will listen to me.”
“…All right.”

Jas has no idea who the robes are.
He had no clue.

But only if one can satisfy one’s own desires.
If one can use it to one’s advantage.
One decided that it would be a good idea to listen to the story.
That’s all about satisfying one’ s own desires.

“I want to hear what you have to say about helping me.”
“As you wish.”

People can change, just like Alto’s classmates did.
But some people, like Jas, will never be able to.


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