Chapter 109 Except For You

You Xuanyao reluctantly left Tian Mi’s lips and looked at the woman whose face was red and eyes were still wide open with love in her heart.

He was clearly the one who was wronged, but he didn’t complain to him. If he hadn’t continued asking, wouldn’t this woman have planned to tell him?

You Xuanyao did not recognize himself as someone who would pursue girls, and his temperament was rather cold. If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes today, perhaps Tian Mi would never have noticed it. Perhaps it was because of this that Ling Yitian had an opportunity to take advantage of it.

“What do you want to eat tonight? Take you and Baby to eat something good.”

“Let’s go home for porridge.”

You Xuanyao restarted the car and drove out of the hotel parking lot smoothly.

Tian Mi sat in her seat and adjusted her breathing.

“There’s no taste in the porridge, why don’t you go out and eat some? Why don’t you go eat some private dishes?”

Private food? The private restaurant from last time? What Tian Mi heard in the bathroom about You Xuanyao and that woman called Xiao You was bad. That Xiao You woman lived next door to Tian Mi’s apartment. If she met You Xuanyao, wouldn’t it be embarrassing?

Tian Mi was actually still thinking about You Xuanyao at this time. She was also about to be defeated by him.

Seeing that Tian Mi hadn’t replied for a long time, You Xuanyao turned to look at the woman beside him. This woman had a serious expression. Was it so difficult to eat?

Was it because he saw her dining with another man in a private restaurant last time?

It was precisely because of this that he had been drinking heavily for a few days. He knew that the Chairman of the Imperial Court Hotel, Zhuang Qifei, had a bad reputation in the social circle. Fortunately, he had already investigated clearly that Tian Mi had not been taken advantage of by Zhuang Qifei.

However, it couldn’t be that Zhuang Qifei didn’t want to go there for dinner. There was no second chef in M City. The environment was private, and it wouldn’t be too restrictive.

“Cough cough, there’s no need to worry so much. We’re just going to eat. I have a private room in that place.”

Tian Mi bit her lower lip, wondering if You Xuanyao would be having an affair with Xiao You in the private room that night. Has You Xuanyao never done that to her?

But you Yao can’t be blamed. At that time, it was clearly him who proposed to split up. Could it be that he could tie her up and prevent her from looking for a new home?

You Xuanyao saw that Tian Mi still hadn’t replied, and her small expression became even more deathly.

“Don’t worry about what happened that day. I won’t allow it to happen again in the future.”

Could it be that the little woman was still obsessed with the fact that she had been broken by him that day? You Xuanyao repeated it over and over again.

Since You Xuanyao had already said so, did Tian Mi still have any reason to refuse? Although her heart was very awkward, there was no other way.

“Alright, let’s go pick up the treasure first.”

The little woman finally spoke. You Xuanyao also heaved a sigh of relief. It was clearly the little woman who took advantage of her separation from him to date another man. His 24 filial piety prospective husband still accompanied him with a smile. It was not good to be smiling. However, You Xuanyao was willing as long as his little woman was sitting beside him right now, always by his side.

Things were hard to predict. Just as You Xuanyao brought Tian Mi and the two treasures to the door of the private restaurant, he happened to meet that woman called Xiao You.

Actually, it should all be within my expectations. This restaurant belongs to Little Youjia, so it’s inevitable for me to encounter it here.

“President You, long time no see.”

The seductive voice and the curvaceous figure instantly rested on You Xuanyao’s body. It was as if Tian Mi and the two treasures were transparent.

“Let go of Uncle You.”

Of course, the first to disagree was Tian Tian. In this world, other than her mother and her, she did not allow any woman to get close to her Uncle You.

You Xuanyao asked Little You to pester him, picked up Tian Tian, pulled Tian Mi and walked into the restaurant, not wanting to pay any attention to Little You.

“President You, why are you ignoring others so quickly? Previously, you were still so enthusiastic.”

You Xuanyao stopped and Tian Mi also stopped. Although Tian Mi had personally witnessed the ambiguous expressions of the two of them and heard them from the litigants, she still felt depressed and uncomfortable in her heart.

“For President Lu’s sake, I won’t argue with you. Please pay attention to your identity!”

“What kind of identity am I? Back then, President You had indeed hugged me very close. How could you say that you would lose your face if you flipped out?”

You Xuanyao did have two extra drinks that day, She accidentally saw Tian Mi and Zhuang Qifei enter the private room. He was furious, Only then did he put on an ambiguous play in front of Tian Mi, but that play was easily broken by Tian Mi. He simply could not conceal it in front of Tian Mi. In the private room, Tian Mi’s every word was like a death sentence for him, making it impossible for him to use alcohol to anesthetize himself. After separating from Tian Mi, he immediately left this place, but used alcohol to relieve his worries every day.

Xiao You has been in the social circle all year round. She can see through the relationship between You Xuanyao and Tian Mi at a glance. No matter how she pretends to not know her, she won’t let them live too well. You Xuanyao can be considered the first man to reject her Xiao You. How can she let him off so easily? Even if she can’t get into his bed, she won’t let the women around her live too well.

Tian Mi listened to the conversation between the two of them and lowered her head. Her mood was on the verge of collapse. Looking at Tian Bao beside her, Tian Mi still forced a smile, wanting to escape from here now.

“Miss Lu, please respect yourself!”

You Xuanyao did not intend to continue pestering Little You. He pulled Tian Mi and walked inside. He entered the private room and locked the door. You Xuanyao put Tian Tian down and turned around to hug Tian Mi.

“Listen to me, things are not what you think …”

Tian Mi struggled to raise her head. Tears had already flowed down her cheeks. You Xuanyao was at a loss.

“I drank too much that day …”

Tian Mi raised her hand and pressed down on You Xuanyao’s lips.

“Stop talking. It’s all over.”

Although her words had passed, her tears mercilessly betrayed her. How could she go back? Her beloved man and other women would probably be in this private room overnight.

“No, I have to say, I drank too much that day and saw you and Zhuang Qifei enter the private room …”

“I have nothing to do with President Zhuang … It’s not what you think …”

“I know. I was a little irrational at that time, so I appeared in front of you and angered you. I have nothing to do with Lu Xiaoyou.”

Do you believe this man in front of you? Tian Mi looked at You Xuanyao’s nervous expression like a child who had made a mistake. Tian Mi’s choice was self-evident. If she did not believe in the man in front of her, how could she go on with him hand in hand? There would definitely be a lot of problems and contradictions in the future. Choosing to believe was their only way out.

“Other than you, I’m not interested in any women.”

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