Chapter 106

Tian Mi walked to the computer and looked at the reservation data on it. It was true that Lu Shangyin had booked it until January 12. In addition to the previous month and a half, what exactly was she going to do?

Booking a room was irregular. The time node was in the middle of January. He looked like a reporter. There hadn’t been any major incidents this month. Tian Mi was a little confused, so she should slowly observe.

At night, You Xuanyao had already brought back the two treasures and was sitting on the living room carpet with the two treasures, putting together Lego toys. It was a happy scene.

When You Xuanyao saw Tian Mi return, he hurriedly welcomed her to the door, helped her take off her down jacket and hang it on the hanger. He held Tian Mi in his arms, rubbed her cold nose with his chin, and then lowered his head to kiss her affectionately. Tian Mi raised her head and immersed herself in it. This feeling was great, and finally felt like home.

You Xuanyao also loved this kind of feeling. His woman, baby, he really wanted a world with only these four people. Let Yue Kai go to hell.

Of course, this was only his wishful thinking. Yue Kai could not do without him, and the You Clan could not do without him. He was destined to shoulder all sorts of burdens since he was born.

You Xuanyao let go of Tian Mi and picked up the two treasures and walked to the dining hall. There were cooked dishes on the dining table, and it was still steaming hot. Without thinking, you Yao knew that it was cooked by you Yao.

“The chef is good at cooking.”

Sitting at the dining table, Tian Mi put a piece of beef in her mouth and praised You Xuanyao while eating.

“Thank you for the compliment. I don’t mind being a family cook. I’ll leave the responsibility of earning money to you.”

Tian Mi immediately stayed on the spot. Was this what our cold Satan-like man said?

You Xuanyao smiled and put a piece of fish into Tian Tian’s bowl, then gave another piece to Tian Bao.

“Where’s mine ~”

Tian Mi picked up the rice bowl in front of her and stretched it out.

“Yours is here.”

You Xuanyao put a piece of fish into his mouth as he spoke. He pulled Tian Mi by his side and fed her with his mouth.

Tian Mi hurriedly hid back in her seat. Her face immediately turned red. She lowered her head to grab the food in front of her and glanced at the two treasures in front of her. Fortunately, the two treasures were accustomed to the various limit levels of the two of them. They looked as if they didn’t care as they ate the fish cubes on their plates.

“Isn’t it delicious?”

Seeing that Tian Mi hadn’t chewed for a long time, You Xuanyao spoke from the side. When Tian Mi heard this, she quickly chewed on the fish in her mouth.

“It’s delicious.”

“Then let’s have another piece.”

Before Tian Mi could react, You Xuanyao used the same trick again. Tian Mi was no longer a child and did not need to be fed.

Of course, feeding was just a foreplay. Tonight, the main show was still waiting for Tian Mi to enjoy it.

The next morning, Tian Mi woke up in You Xuanyao’s arms. Looking at the man in front of her, she really couldn’t tell that he was a patient who had just recovered from stomach bleeding into the operating room!

A night of unceasing cultivation made Tian Mi complain bitterly, but what could he do? Who would let his man be so tireless?

I wonder if this is her happiness or her misfortune.

The man in front of her was golden, handsome, strong, and considerate. He also doted on her treasures to the heavens. What was there to be dissatisfied with? Just grab him properly. Why not just forget about the rest?

Tian Mi stretched out her hand and hugged You Xuanyao hard. You Xuanyao moved her body and hugged Tian Mi into her arms. She pressed down on her body and kissed her drowsily. From the tip of her hair to her forehead, to the tip of her nose, to her lips, she nostalgically fell down her neck without holding back.

Tian Mi’s beauty made You Xuanyao so attached, You Xuanyao was reluctant to part. He thought that he must be possessed.

Just as the two of them were about to forget themselves, a knock came from outside the door.

“Mommy, it’s time for Uncle You to get up. Otherwise, we’ll be late for kindergarten.”

Tian Mi suddenly got up from You Xuanyao ‘s body, jumped out of bed in a hurry, put on her pajamas, kicked her slippers and walked out the door with a panicked expression.

Facing the two little fellows in front of you, Tian Mi, you are still unavoidably blushing like Second Senior Brother’s big butt.

You Xuanyao lay leisurely on the bed, looking at the panicked Tian Mi. The corner of his mouth couldn’t help but curl upwards. Every time this little woman of his would be burnt to death, but she was extremely cute.

The four of them sat at the dining table and had breakfast together. You Xuanyao flipped through the newspaper that day. It was brought back by Tian Mi when she went out to buy breakfast.

“Today, I’m going back to the company to take care of my business. I’ll pick you up from work tonight.”

“Don’t you need to rest for a few more days?”

“Have you forgotten that I have to take the annual work report on the tenth?”

You Xuanyao looked up at Tian Mi and reminded her that their press conference was held at the Royal Court Hotel.

“EVA and I have already communicated about this. The reporters and the media have also contacted about it.”

Why was Tian Mi reporting on her work like a subordinate? Feeling that the atmosphere wasn’t right, Tian Mi raised her head and looked at You Xuanyao playfully, as if she was saying, Well done.

“I’m flattering you, President You!”

Tian Mi pouted. She was not a subordinate of his You Xuanyao, but she was accidentally affected by his aura.

“The most important thing is the New Year’s Eve dinner on the 12th. You must communicate with EVA more. She has a lot of experience and can learn a lot.”

You Xuanyao turned his joking face and told Tian Mi earnestly.

“Understood. Sister EVA is very courageous in doing things. I will learn from her.”

Evidently, the relationship between EVA and You Xuanyao wasn’t ordinary. Tian Mi had already noticed this, but she didn’t know how to ask You Xuanyao. After hesitating, You Xuanyao spoke first.

“EVA is my classmate. We have been working together since a long time ago. She is Yue Kai’s senior employee.”

Sure enough, their relationship was extraordinary. No wonder EVA knew so much about You Xuanyao and was so considerate of You Xuanyao.

“Yes, her husband and I have a good relationship. We are both classmates, and I can be considered as witnesses to their love.”

“Oh, that’s right.”

Tian Mi finally relaxed. She lowered her head and smiled. Was this man explaining to her? Was he trying to make her feel at ease?

You Xuanyao lowered his head and drank the porridge in the bowl. Seeing Tian Mi’s expression change, a warm current inexplicably rose in his heart. Little women would be jealous, and would still care about him. This kind of feeling was pretty good. It was as if her husband was filing a file for his wife.

After sending Tian Mi to the hotel, You Xuanyao went directly to Yuekai Group.

As soon as he got into the office, Allen followed closely behind him.

“President You, you weren’t here these past few days. Miss Wang Yaoyao has been here many times.”

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