Chapter 181 Mind Compass


The raging energy from Lu Li’s stance pressed Ye Wei into the ground. A palm-shaped mass of runes blocked all of Ye Wei’s escape routes while sharp arcing bolts occasionally struck fissures on the solid rocks close by.

‘Shit, I’m running out of time!’ Ye Wei panicked. He was worried about the returned prime Warrior catching up.

“The Zodiac Sword is as sharp as my mind is when I draw the runes to it.” Ye Wei muttered to himself. His years of training flashed before him, and he felt inspired by the Lu’s Myst stance.

Ye Wei’s eyes went cold; his Qi surged out like a flooding river. “Let me show you what you just taught me!” With will-force on his fingertips, he shaped his Qi to runes, and transformed them into thirty-six Peerless Qi Swords. ‘You can stop a sword, but you can’t stop a damn flooding river!’

The final form of the Peerless Sword consisted of three hundred and sixty Qi swords. It consisted of a fearsome river of refined, sharp bolts of energy. Although Ye Wei was not close to understanding the sky stance’s complete form, he was able imitate the essence of the Zodiac Sword.

Ye Wei relaxed his body and stretched his arms. Both of them straight as a sword, both of them aimed at Lu Li’s stance above his head.

“Zoom! Zoom!”

All thirty-six Qi swords intertwined, glided upwards smoothly against the gravitating lightning palm.


The bound Qi sword struck the center of Lu Li’s stance. The falling in momentum became an advantage for Ye Wei; the slowness in Lu Li’s attack made it easier to penetrate the lightning palm.


The connection of the stances was brief. Lu Li was paralyzed by a shrill sound of the Qi sword tearing through his best stance.

“How is this possible!?” The elder’s grandson could not do a thing. He hopelessly watched the runes fall apart. Lu Li never doubted Ye Wei’s strength. He genuinely thought he found a way to defend himself, but he realized he was outclassed.

‘I’ve disappointed you, elder Qianying…’ Lu Li’s body was drowning in the massive stream of Qi created by Ye Wei. His body began to chip and crackle, it was soon covered with bright red. The metallic glow on his skin faded, and a rusty smell grew intense as his blood evaporated.

The young Lu fell before he could even use the scroll he was given.

Ye Wei breathed heavily, imitating a sky stance’s Qi flow at his cultivation level had taken an immense toll on him. His body was weakened, and his face went pale. Though, he managed to drop his opponent.

‘I still have time!’ Ye Wei took Lu Li’s interspatial bag before he reached into his own to find a Green Shade scroll.


A faint green light wrapped around Ye Wei; he instantly travelled two miles in a flash and headed back into the mountains without hesitation.

‘Ten miles, this is how much I need to keep the distance between me and him. He is faster and stronger than me, I can’t take any risks.’ Ye Wei thought while looking towards the Lu Qianying’s direction. He sensed the warrior’s Qi. He finally felt a safe distance away, but he didn’t entirely feel safe.

“Imbecile!” Lu Qianying screamed. He arrived at the scene five seconds after Ye Wei took off. His bloodshot eyes widened as he saw all the dead bodies. His gaze eventually set on Lu Li’s ravaged corpse. “Don’t you know your limits!? What am I going to tell your granddad!?”

The elder furiously looked around to see if the assassin left and clues. Yet, there was nothing but woodland critters.

“Shit!” Lu Qianying turned around and rushed back to the direction he came from.

“You like playing games, huh!?” He noticed the Qi presence of the other teams fading, but he was too late. He was infuriated by lifeless bodies he saw while departing.

“Useless… F**king, useless!” He counted a dozen more dead bodies. None of them seemed to have struggled before they died.

Lu Qianying lifted his head and clenched his fists. He cried and howled like a crazed animal. His Qi bursted out in all directions.


The golden energy surge swept the woods. It turned trees into logs and dirt into a thick screen of smoke. All of a sudden, the beautiful nature became a wasteland as if it was stampeded by a pack of king grade wild beasts.

Lu Qianying harshly exhaled and carefully took a scroll from his inside pocket. His eyes twitched regretfully.

The whole scroll was dark. There was a subtle pulsing glow, synchronized with its slow but pressuring aura.

The scroll containing an earth stance was the most valuable possession Lu Qianying carried with him. It was given to him as a gift by the Lu Patriarch when he broke through to become a returned prime Warrior. It contained the Mind Compass stance.

Although the stance was not aggressive at all, its unique function gave it an unmatchable value.

Considering one of the victims was the head elder’s grandson, he could possibly be facing capital punishment if he did not capture the person responsible for this outrage.

Lu Qianying ground his teeth. He opened the scroll and tore it swiftly.

“Zoom! Zoom!”

A long rune sequence appeared in the sky. There was a touch of gold to its vivid hue. It kept stretching and eventually covered a hundred miles radius around Lu Xianying.


The runes shrank quickly into Lu Qianying’s head. He was suddenly able to see in his mind the life energy of all creatures within a hundred miles. While his Qi energy became undetectable.

“I will catch you this time, you little bastard!” Lu Qianying muttered. He quickly located Ye Wei through the image in his mind. With a heavy stomp, he became a shadow. This shadow zoomed towards Ye Wei like an arrow whizzing through air; nothing stopped him pursuing his target now.

Ye Wei was over thirty miles away from Lu Qianying. He was not aware of the danger he was in.

‘This is a warning. North Hill Bay is the Ye’s land, and the Drakehead is therefore the Ye’s property!’ He was proud of his secret mission. ‘This is not enough, though. I have to kill as many of them as I can. The more time they have to rethink their strategy the better.’

‘There are only three teams left. I should be able to finish them.’ Ye Wei was constantly calculating the best execution for his next move. ‘It’s good that cousin Zhong did not follow, less to worry about when I strike.’

With his extraordinary soul sensitivity, Ye Wei stalked the Lu’s like an opportunistic predator who waited for the best window to strike.

Ye Wei was heading back into the mountain range, avoiding the wild beasts, ‘My revenge has just begun! I will kill every last one of you, one at a time. I will look into your eyes before I crush your hearts!’ He sat next to a tall rock. He took a pill and began to use the Falling Star form.

The Supernova stance was taking a toll on Ye Wei. His Qi was drained and his body was exhausted. He was desperate to recover quickly, so he could finish what he started earlier.

Ye Wei expanded his detection range as he recharged his will-force, but he could not sense Lu Qianying’s incoming. He focused on recuperating rather than being on guard since he already left the dangerous scene.

Ye Wei had his eyes closed. The setting sun warmed his cheeks. He was relaxing and resting in the quiet wilderness for the first time after more than half a day of running.

Less than half a minute after he sat down, he felt a strange chilling breeze. He opened his eyes.

“Crack! Crack!”

The breeze intensified; the trees around Ye Wei began to bend towards him.

“Shit! How did I not feel any of this?!” Ye Wei’s face changed. He stood up and quickly grabbed the iron talisman from his belt.


A pressuring presence froze Ye Wei in place. A chubby figure appeared right in front of him.

The elder’s hair was fluttering in the wind. The runes under his feet were condensed into small golden clouds after each step he took, thus leaving a trail of golden mist behind him.

There was no primal feathers behind Lu Qianying’s back. The returned prime was levitating by his own power; his mastery over natural primal energy.

“Any last words?” Lu Qianying stared furiously down onto Ye Wei. His demeaning gaze intimidated and startled the unsuspecting Ye Wei.

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