Chapter 324 Don’t Hate Anybody

It was so late, why did Ling Yitian run over? His appearance surprised everyone in the courtyard.

You Xuanyao couldn’t help but frown. He actually kindly called her Aunt ?

“Little Tian is here. Come in quickly.”

Tian Sumei also felt a little embarrassed. She understood Ling Yitian’s feelings for Tian Mi. As long as Ling Yitian had time, he would come over to see her. If he didn’t have feelings for Tian Mi, then why?

Unfortunately, now that their Tian Mi had You Xuanyao, Ling Yitian didn’t have much chance.

However, in Tian Sumei’s heart, there was still a little bit of luck. After all, there was a huge gap between the rich and the poor. What if Tian Mi and You Xuanyao did not succeed? Hopefully, Ling Yitian would have given up long ago.

“Tian Mi? President You? You guys are here too. What a coincidence.”

Ling Yitian was also a little embarrassed. He didn’t expect that he would take the weekend to visit Tian Sumei and meet Tian Mi and You Xuanyao .

“We are here to pick up Aunt . We will return to our place for the New Year.”

Tian Mi’s expression was quite calm. After all, she no longer had the feelings she had for Ling Yitian back then. With You Xuanyao by her side, she had also given her invisible strength.

“Very good, you guys are …”

“We will be getting married after the New Year, and Manager Ling will show up at that time.”

You Xuanyao interrupted what Ling Yitian wanted to say. In fact, Ling Yitian also wanted to ask them about the progress of their development.

“Of course, Tian Mi is married. How can I be absent?”

Ling Yitian’s words were too ambiguous, as if Tian Mi was going to marry him, which made Tian Mi feel a little embarrassed.

“What are you doing here?”

Tian Mi felt that there was something wrong with the atmosphere and quickly changed the topic.

“En, yes, there’s something. It’s good that you’re here. Is your ancestral home really not going to be sold?”

Didn’t Tian Mi already say that Ling Yitian was referring to the past? The room had a special meaning to her, and she would not sell it no matter what.

Moreover, now that You Xuanyao was about to exploit the tourist resources here, it was even more impossible for her to sell her ancestral home.

“No, I won’t sell it.”

“Manager Ling, it just so happens that I want to have a good talk with you about your purchase of real estate. Why don’t we make an appointment?”

When You Xuanyao heard Ling Yitian say that he wanted to buy the Tian Mi family’s ancestral home, he thought of the tourism project they had put on hold. Once the new company was established, it would be the first and largest project of Y&H.

“What are you talking about with me about? I don’t think we have the possibility of cooperating. Previously, the second-hand housing cooperation plan was still on hold. We are already full of sincerity. On the contrary, Yue Kai doesn’t think much of our small company.”

Ling Yitian was also very imposing. Of course, he knew that You Xuanyao wanted to develop the tourism resources in this area. But now, most of the land was already in the hands of Madam Ling. If You Xuanyao really wanted to seek cooperation, it had to show sincerity, not condescension.

‘”Manager Ling, you must be serious. You should have heard that we, Yue Kai, have encountered some small troubles recently. When we clear up these troubles, we have a lot of room for cooperation. I only hope that Madam Ling will not have all prejudices against us at that time and let both sides miss out on a good opportunity.”

At this time, Tian Mi was completely unable to interrupt the conversation between You Xuanyao and Ling Yitian. This was a conversation between the two people in charge of the company, as well as a conversation between men.

Although Ling Yitian had spoken aggressively just now, You Xuanyao’s reply was also very imposing, making it difficult for Ling Yitian to resist.

“We are looking forward to cooperating with President You. I hope that we can cooperate happily in the future. There’s nothing else, so I’ll take my leave first.”

Ling Yitian felt that he wouldn’t be able to take advantage of it even if he stayed any longer, so he decided to leave as soon as possible.

Just as he walked out of the door, Ling Yitian suddenly remembered something. He turned around and said to Tian Mi.

“Tian Mi, if you have time, go and see your mother. She’s discharged from the hospital and now lives in the apartment she bought for you.”

Tian Mi was stunned and didn’t know how to answer. Ling Yitian probably didn’t think that Tian Mi would give him any response. After saying that, he left without looking back.

The apartment that Fang Yushu bought for Tian Mi was the place where Tian Mi had fled. Fang Yushu actually moved in.

“Little Mi, when did you contact that woman? Also, how did Little Tian know that woman? Why do you feel that Little Tian has an extraordinary relationship with that woman? Are you hiding something from me?”

Tian Mi ignored the fact that Tian Sumei was still standing beside her. After being bombed by Tian Sumei, Tian Mi could no longer resist.

“Should I tell Aunt ?”

You Xuanyao approached Tian Mi and whispered in her ear.

Tian Mi nodded, but she still did not have the strength to speak.

‘” Aunt , it’s like this. Back then, Ms. Fang remarried Ling Yitian’s father. Recently, she was hospitalized for medical reasons. She thought that she wouldn’t have much time left, so Ling Yitian came to find Tian Mi and asked her to take a look. That’s all.”

You Xuanyao described the matter very briefly, and there weren’t too many details during the period. This way, Tian Sumei’s emotions wouldn’t be aroused.

She was about to explode now.

“That woman is sick? Why aren’t you dying yet?”

Tian Sumei hated Fang Yushu even more than Tian Mi, because he had witnessed with his own eyes how Fang Yushu abandoned her husband and children, and how cruelly she ignored them.

” Aunt , she’s already on the verge of death. There won’t be many days left. Let’s put her down. Don’t hate her anymore.”

Tian Mi hugged Tian Sumei excitedly. Her Aunt was a person with a temperament, and she had always treated Tian Mi as her own woman.

It could be said that the relationship between Tian Mi and Tian Sumei had definitely surpassed that of a cousin, or even that of a mother and daughter.

“Back then, when she treated you like that, my cousin left early because of him. You told me to forgive her. How can I forgive her?”

Tian Mi hugged the choked Tian Sumei tightly. Why didn’t she miss her father? But today, would she be able to save everything if she hated him?

“Little Mi, no matter what, you don’t want to see her anymore. She’s a vicious woman. She’s not worthy of a woman like you. Let her die alone. Nobody cares about her.”

Tian Mi no longer spoke. She thought that she knew that Fang Yushu had another daughter. Even if Tian Mi was not by her side, her little daughter would still be by her side to take care of her.

Tian Mi also knew that she was actually not that important to Fang Yushu. She would only occasionally recall it.

Actually, Tian Mi didn’t want to go back to that apartment. She had memories when she went back. Some bad memories, she would rather say goodbye to the past than hate anyone or miss anyone. .

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