After listening to the internet cafe admin’s answer, Fang Linyan’s brain buzzed. He only felt that the blood on his body was surging up to his head. He couldn’t care so much anymore. He looked around and found that his electric bicycle was still by the side, then he rode on the electric bicycle and left.

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After the electric bicycle galloped for several hundred meters, Fang Linyan took a few deep breaths and kept chanting “calm down, calm down”. He slowly regained his rationality. The electric bicycle speed gradually slowed down to normal speed. He obviously couldn’t reach there on time now. What he could do now was to clean up the mess, but if he fucks up again in a panic now, maybe he wouldn’t even have the chance to clean up the mess!

Soon, Fang Linyan came to the outside of Huichuan No.5 Pier. He had visited this place during the day. It was just an abandoned warehouse. Only some facilities on the pier had signs of being used, but there was also dust on them.

However, under the cover of darkness at this time, it looked terrifying here. It even gave him an illusion that there was infinite danger in it, making him sweat in his palms. Fortunately, there was a large flooded area near here; there were still many toads croaking in it at this time. It could cover up the noise of Fang Linyan’s actions which made him feel at ease.

After coming here, Fang Linyan knew that he must be late, and he was at least ten minutes late. But since he had come all the way here, how could he be willing to just leave without taking a glance? Even if there was a risk, he had to give it a try. Thus, he found a secret place to park his electric bicycle, then he tiptoed over following his memory during the daytime.

At this time, the inspection during the day undoubtedly played a great role. Fang Linyan sneaked to an abandoned warehouse next to him. He had secretly opened a window here during the day and concealed it when he left. At this time, he opened the window and crawled over with difficulty.

Fang Linyan was terminally ill at this time. This simple climb could make him breathless and feel uncomfortable. He only felt that his chest was pressed by a large stone; even breathing was very difficult. He forcibly suppressed his breath, then he tiptoed to the second floor of the warehouse and looked toward the pier.

Fang Linyan was shocked at this sight. The pier, that was empty during the day, now had a yacht undulating with the waves, but only a few lights were switched on on this yacht. Someone was obviously trying to hide it.

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Not only that, in the open space in front of the pier, there were three cars parking there. They were all black Lincoln Navigators. The lights of the three cars were all on, and one car still had the high beam to illuminate the whole place.

However, this place, which should be very lively, was deadly silent. Even the sound of the distant sea beating against the embankment was clearly audible.

That was all fine, the point was that there were corpses everywhere in this open space!

All of these corpses were wearing black suits and looked well-trained. Many corpses even had guns in their hands!

Fang Linyan was well prepared this time. He took out simple binoculars from his trouser pocket and looked at it, and he discovered a shocking fact. That was most of the corpses’ expressions were frightened, scared, or even distorted. They seemed to be greatly frightened before death.

Not only that, but their deaths were also extremely miserable. Most of them had broken legs and arms. Some were even split in half. Fang Linyan even saw that the door of a Lincoln Navigator was struck by something sharp. A narrow crack of more than half a meter long was cut out. The edge of the iron sheet rolled out; it was smooth and sharp.

“The situation seems to be very complicated… It seems that there were two forces who wanted to trade here, then they were being attacked by other forces?”

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Fang Linyan said to himself.

Then, in the field of vision of the telescope, something that made Fang Linyan’s heartbeat faster appeared!!

That was a box!

A high-tech silver-white box!

It is the silver box mentioned in the mysterious text message! !!

There is also a crack in this box, and some of the contents were scattered out. On the lever of the box, there was a pale palm! This palm was cut off at the wrist, and the section was smooth. Although it was cut off, the five fingers of the severed palm still tightly clutched the lever of the box. This showed how strong the palm owner’s desire to protect the box was.

Fang Linyan became excited at this moment. He immediately had an impulse to rush down, take the box and run!

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It seems that although I am late, it is not too late. The distance between my position and this box is no more than 20 meters. I only need five minutes to carry the box and disappear into the night!!

Fang Linyan was a person with strong execution. He never procrastinated. He bent over and trotted directly to the first floor breathlessly. Just at this moment, there was already a burst of engine sounds from the sea in the distance, then he saw a modified motorboat driving over.

The searchlight on the motorboat emitted a sharp light beam. The motorboat dragged out a long white wave behind it!

After seeing this scene, Fang Linyan’s frustration was conceivable, but his will had become very determined after several months of tempering. He made the most optimal choice almost immediately. He hid in the warehouse next to him.

After entering the warehouse, he realized that the warehouse looked quite spacious on the outside, but the inside was full of junks. There was little space for a person. There was also an indescribable stench smell. When Fang Linyan hid in the warehouse and waited for his eyes to adjust to the darkness inside, he took a deep breath because he suddenly discovered something terrifying.

It turned out that there was still another person in this warehouse.

This was a woman in a suit and skirt. Although her face couldn’t be seen, her skin was white and delicate. The tailored OL outfit also outlined her breathtaking figure vividly. Especially her slim waist, it made her buttocks and breasts more prominent, giving people a visual impact. However, her back was being stabbed by a rusty screwdriver. The stab hit the vital point, and the metal part of the screwdriver was inside her body.

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It seemed that her vitality was also extremely tenacious. After being seriously injured, she could still resist the pain and climb here. Fang Linyan took a deep breath to forcibly suppress the uneasiness in his mind. After tiptoeing over, he smelled a faint fragrance on her body; he didn’t know what perfume she was using.

Then Fang Linyan tried to test her breathing with his hand. He found that her skin was ice cold and delicate, but he couldn’t feel her breath at all. He knew that she was already a dead person, so he breathed a sigh of relief right away. He then crawled to a crack by the side to look outside.

But there would always be carelessness in careful observation. Fang Linyan’s attention was attracted by the movement outside, so he ignored a mini syringe on the ground next to him!

After the modified motorboat docked at the pier, two men jumped from above. One man was very tall and dressed in a black windbreaker. He was holding a very special silver pistol in his hand without any scruples. Not sure if Fang Linyan had an illusion, he actually felt that the surface of the pistol had a rippling light shining.

The other man was even weirder. His right hand was actually carrying a small round shield! There were two red circles on the surface of the shield. Inside the red circle was a blue and white pentagram! It looked just like a children’s toy.

Hmmm, you can’t determine someone’s breath with just a finger. It’s too soft to be detected. It seemed that more parties were going for this silver box, what exactly was inside that box?

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