After he finished speaking, a holographic projection of a white little girl appeared next to him, and then a cold synthetic sound came out.

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“The process of unlocking Purger starts…”

“The temperature of the freezer is being increased…”

“Injecting thawing liquid…”

“Injecting citicoline, potassium aspartate, type II high energy mixture, ACTH mixture…”

“Implanting the characteristics of the target…”

“Unlock sequence completes!”

This series of processes were complicated, but in fact, it was only a few seconds. Immediately after, a gas leaking sound came from the edges of the three large black boxes, then a large amount of white mist spurted out. The cover of the box was opened automatically.

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On the edge of one of the boxes, a giant palm wearing a black glove suddenly stretched out and grabbed the edge of the box. The figure then stood up when exerting force on its palm.

This was a giant man who was more than 2 meters tall. He had broad shoulders and a broad body. He was wearing a large black leather trench coat. His face was expressionless and scarred. He looked just like a person who had healed after a severe burn.

The entire head of this giant man had no hair and was protected by thick white exoskeleton armor. It looked like a skull from a distance. The thickness of the bone armor was even more than 10 centimeters which could block the mass fire of the 7.62mm caliber rifle.

Of course, this density of bone armor meant that the internal brain volume of the head was very small. It was only about the size of an apple.

However, for this monster to be named Purger, in addition to the brain in the head, there were actually two large nerve ganglions in the armpits and groin. These 2 large tissues could share the load of the brain.

Not only that, but the same was true of its heart. If it was dissected, there was only one blood-red nodule pulsating in the heart, and there were more than a dozen similar nodules all over the body.

The combined effect of the dozens of vascular cores was the original function of the heart. Even if more than half of Purger’s vascular cores were destroyed, it could still possess extremely powerful combat effectiveness.

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After Purger stood up, a haze of blood appeared in its ears, nostrils, and mouth like boiling steam. Then, two red glows appeared in its pupils. On its retinas, Fang’s photos and facial features were displayed.

Then Puger strode to the other black box and took out the contents one by one. The box was like an arsenal. Not only that, there was also heavy compound armor.

This armor was obviously to counter Fang’s extremely sharp claws. Its weight even reached more than 200 kilograms. Only a monster like Purger could wear such heavy armor and move freely!

After dozens of seconds, Purger walked toward the culvert with heavy steps. Every time it took a step, it would leave deep footprints in the moist mud. Its speed seemed to be slow, but it was fast actually. When the purger was 50 meters away from the culvert, it actually started to accelerate, launching a charge!!!


10 minutes later,

Fang, who was covered in blood, was standing next to Purger’s huge body. At this time, Purger’s left hand was mutated into a bloody giant claw, and the shoulder of his right hand actually mutated into a basin-sized bloody eye. It didn’t look completely like a human at all.

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But it was covered with wounds all over its body, and every wound so deep that bones were visible. A large amount of turbid thick blood flowed from it. Its bloody giant eye was also exploded, leaving a terrifying black hole.

In order to kill this monster, his left head was torn off a large piece of scalp, which was extremely painful. His right arm broke at the elbow, revealing a pale broken bone stub. Only his left hand was relatively intact.

Not only that, Fang’s face was even more bloody. His face was being sprayed with smoke back in the hotel. This thing was actually mixed with a large number of parasite eggs, parasitizing directly under Fang’s skin. The parasites secretly released an anesthetic fluid without the host knowing.

As a result, at the most critical moment of the battle, these parasites suddenly broke out, almost knocking Fang out. His vision was also greatly affected. Everything he saw was blurry. However, even two of his hands were almost crippled, Fang still killed Puger! Because his sharpest attack was not on the claws of his hands, but his legs.

When Fang was fighting Purger, he used his killing move, which was [Second Transformation]!!

After his first transformation, he could choose to activate the “Jacob’s Blood” on his transformed body to perform [Second Transformation. Then, he could completely transform into a cruel pure-blood giant wolf. Although his front claws were crippled, his hind legs with sharp claws and his terrifying fang could easily rip off the defense of Purger.

However, Fang found desperately that this battle was not over at all, but it was just the beginning! Because the third black box that was thrown down from the helicopter had already started to spray pale white mist and opened slowly.

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At this time, what came out of it was a monster that resembled an octopus. It had five weird tentacles! The skin of the tentacles was more like a python, and thick black and red liquid was dripping from the tentacles.

Probably after sensing Fang’s gaze, the end of one of the tentacles cracked abruptly. It bloomed into a three-petal mouth. Inside, it was densely packed with 6 centimeters barbs. It looked anomaly bloody!

Purger Type II, dispatched!!

Upon seeing this scene, Fang’s pupils contracted, then he swallowed a medicine, turned around and fled! What’s a joke, fighting with the previous Purger had almost exhausted all his energy, and there was another one now, why would he still fight? Escape was the best plan now.

In fact, if it weren’t for Umbrelia’s great interest in Fang, thinking that he was an excellent experimental material, so they wanted to capture him alive, it would be a small probability for Fang to kill this Puger.

At this time, in the command vehicle, Fang on the screen rushed to a truck that had been parked on the side of the road, then he suddenly started the engine. A consultant beside Wilson whispered,

“According to the detailed data we collected, he is now at the end of his mighty power. Our blood leeches have reproduced in his body for 37 minutes. The blood he shed has exceeded 3000 ml which is close to 2/3 of the normal person’s 4800 ml. Second, his injuries are enough for ordinary people to die three times.”

How did he plan to outrun the enemy when they had helicopters and even satellite?

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