After Fang Linyan realized that he had to kill Fang, he was considering one thing, that was, introducing foreign aid.

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Because he knew very well that relying on his own strength was absolutely impossible to do this alone.

As for who the foreign aid was, of course, it was Fang’s enemy!

The organization that could easily dispatch luxury cars, Lincoln Navigators, that worthed millions; crew with standard suits and firearms!! Such a huge organization wouldn’t be simple!

Fang Linyan found a number of black and red triangle logos unique to Umbrelia from the videos and photos he had taken at the time. After checking the Internet, it appeared clear to him.

Then Fang Linyan discovered that Umbrelia was the world’s largest biopharmaceutical company. Its business units included innovative drugs, health care, generic drugs, vaccines, animal health products, etc. It had 17 laboratories around the world and 62 factories! Even its security department was known as the world’s three largest Security Agency.

Therefore, it was not difficult to infer that retrovirus sector injection was the latest research result of this huge company, and the handover on the dock was an internal behavior of the company to transport the injections from Europe to Asia. Fang outrageously murdered the crew and seized the goods, so the company definitely wanted him dead; there was an irresolvable contradiction between the two.

Next, of course, was to determine where Fang was going.

Fang Linyan heard the deceased Gar revealing a very key message before: the B-level hidden mission’s item retrovirus sector injection. With it, they could get close to the president who had pancreatic cancer and got the tickets to Area 51.

Fang Linyan didn’t know what hidden mission was, but he knew that, if this was the case, Fang, as the same kind of people as Gar, was of course not getting the retrovirus sector injection for himself. It was likely that he would take it to someone to complete the mission!

As for the president suffering from pancreatic cancer, Fang Linyan continued to check the Internet, and he saw the news that “the president of a high-tech company Landor traveled to the Thai City, the financial center of the Asia-Pacific region.”

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Since this was the case, the president was in the local area; Fang would certainly not go too far and stay in the local area.

Then, Fang Linyan combined the fragments of clothes left by Fang and judged that his life was luxurious. Such a person would not have too many choices in terms of clothing, food, housing and transportation, and the hotel he stayed in would certainly not be bad.

Then the scope of searching for Fang could be further narrowed. He just had to search the system of the five-star hotels and high-end restaurants in Thai City to find him. His characteristics were: black, with only three fingers on his left hand, and the clothes on his body were top handmade luxury goods. His identity might be a soldier, a baseball player…

At this time, Fang Linyan went directly to a certain website on the Internet and found a shop page with the highest reputation, asking them to check the hotel check-in records that met the target characteristics in the last ten days.

Customer Service Xiao Li: Dear, we need an ID number.

Fang Linyan: 400 (the original starting price was 120)

Customer Service Xiao Li: Dear, this matter is difficult to handle.

Fang Linyan: 800

Customer Service Xiao Li: Dear, it’s really hard to do.

Fang Linyan: 1000, I will find another store if you don’t do it.

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Customer Service Xiao Li: Dear, can you repeat the request? Uh… 1500, we will accept the order if it’s 1500. We will get back to you within an hour.

Fang Linyan: The order has been placed, please change the price.


40 minutes later, Fang Linyan got the information of four suspected targets, but he quickly ruled out two of them. In the end, he added 800 yuan to get the camera data of the target when he checked in, then he successfully locked Fang check-in location,

Lanz Carlton Seven Stars Hotel! !

Fang’s pseudonym was: Von. Damus, and his nationality was French.

Therefore, after clarifying the cause and effect, Fang Linyan went to the Internet cafe, registered a new account, and then sent some conclusions he had made and the photos he had taken at the pier to Umbrelia’s official contact mailbox, indicating that he wasn’t fooling around.

Fang Linyan believed that Umbrelia wouldn’t just swallow their anger, and their conflict with Fang was imperative.

At this point, Fang Linyan’s first half of the plan had been completed. It was not difficult to find Fang and let Umbrelia to have conflict with him. In fact, it didn’t need any extra effort at all. Fang Linyan’s certainty in this was 90%.

The most important thing was the second half of the plan.

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That was how to get the benefit from their conflict!

Whether it was Umbrelia or Fang, to Fang Linyan, they were like a behemoth; they could crush him with just one finger!! It would be difficult for Fang Lingyan to find a loophole and benefit from the conflict.

Therefore, when planning the second half of the plan, Fang Linyan believed that the most optimistic probability of success was only 40%. But for him, the 40% probability was already very satisfied, because the chance of curing advanced lung cancer was 1 in 10,000!

One point must be clear that Fang Linyan did not predict the follow-up development of the situation when formulating the plan, and his fundamental purpose was definitely not to kill Fang.

But to get the retrovirus sector injection.

It seemed that only Fang had the retrovirus sector injection at this time, but don’t forget the fundamental thing that this injection was invented by Umbrelia. They too had the retrovirus sector injection!!

Therefore, Fang Linyan’s original plan was to work on both sides. On one hand, he considered obtaining the retrovirus sector injection from Fang, but on the other hand, he considered getting the retrovirus sector injection from Umbrelia more.

In the first step of planning the second half of the plan, Fang Linyan pledged the only relic left to him by Uncle Xu, who raised him.

What was this thing?

It was a watch. When Uncle Xu was at his most glorious time, he bet with a German expert. A part produced by a handmade car was exactly the same as the part processed by the highest precision lathe in Germany at that time. This proud German admitted his lost. He was convinced by Uncle Xu very much, so the German took off his Chopard Watch and gave it to him.

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Uncle Xu did not sell this watch when he was at the most difficult time, because it was a witness to the most glorious moment in Uncle Xu’s life.

However, Fang Linyan was very short of money at this time, so he pledged this watch for 80,000 yuan.

After receiving the 80,000 yuan, Fang Linyan bought Fang’s whereabouts in the most recent month and found that he had come to this city 7 days ago and started start staying in the city. He had changed 4 hotels in 7 days, but Fang Linyan found one thing in common, that was there were large rivers or sea near the 4 hotels.

Thinking of Fang Linyan’s powerful swimming skills when he saw Fang went into the water to kill Gar at the time, Fang Linyan could almost think that Fang prepared a trump card for himself, that was, escape into the water when necessary.

Therefore, after investigating, he found another piece of good news, that was, the river near Lanz Carlton Seven Stars Hotel was not a waterway. Boats were prohibited to go deeper when it was about 3 kilometers from the city, so there were very few ships.

Therefore, Fang Linyan formulated plan A, B and C.

Don’t mess with the cornered beast. They sometimes fight harder…

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