The key was that after the instant coffee machine fell down, it triggered some kind of switch. Coffee started to flow out of the faucet. Seeing this scene, Fang Lingyan remembered the instruction to drink a cup of coffee. He jumped downstairs directly, then he trotted to the 2nd floor of the basement to pick up the disposable cup to fill the coffee.

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After filling for less than half a cup, coffee stopped flowing out of the faucet, but Fang Linyan didn’t care anymore as long as he could drink it.

At this moment, he suddenly felt that something was wrong. After looking around, he realized that he was on the 1st floor of the basement at this time. On the stairs toward the ground floor, there was a faint mist. Everything from above seemed to be separated by a layer of frosted glass; both the image and the sound were somewhat distorted…

Not only that, Fang Linyan noticed that the entrance of the stairs leading to the 2nd floor of the basement was extremely deep, and it was even slightly glowing red. Although it was daylight, this situation still made him feel uneasy in his heart. He simply picked up the cup in his hand and drank it all, then he planned to return to the surface.

However, coincidentally, when Fang Linyan bottomed up the coffee, a muffled explosion sounded from somewhere. The powerful shock wave even made him feel a little uncomfortable.

Not only that, with the sound of the explosion, Fang Linyan felt that the floor under his feet became loose and he could not stand firmly, then the floor collapsed altogether. His body fell straight down into the dark and deep hole below… Fang Linyan also lost consciousness right away.

It could be seen that when Fang Linyan fell into the black-red light below, his body had a weird change under the light! The wrinkles on his skin suddenly increased, his hair became gray, his back began to look rickety, and his muscles began to relax…

In just a few seconds, the flow of time on his body seemed to have spanned several decades, turning him from a young man to a dying old man. If this condition continues, he will inevitably turn into a pile of bone, and then completely turns into dust!

However, at this time, the black antique phone that Fang Linyan was carrying with him began to vibrate strangely. Not only that, the thing that vibrated together included the relic of Fang; the SMK black iron medal. Both of them resonated.

Then, the SMK black iron medal turned into a light and gathered on the black antique phone. It could be seen that there had been some subtle changes on the black antique phone. It began to cast a light shield that protected the unconscious Fang Linyan.

Fang Linyan in the light shield began to return to his original state.

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Immediately afterward, a series of messages began to pop up on Fang Linyan’s retina when he was sleeping. Although his brain was unable to accept these messages at this time.

“Receiving Information…”

“Start to match the data…”

“Start time node’s lock analysis…”

“The world is confirmed!”

“Begin to assimilate the character into the world…”

“Data conflicts occurred. Starts to repair according to the 3rd rule of the bottom layer and the 7th rule of modularization.”

“Contractor 72AFS (Fang), you have experienced seven adventure worlds. According to our judge, your strength will crush the rest of the contractors in this world.”

“So, if you choose to continue to enter this world, you will explore in Descend Mode. Do you want to continue? Yes/No?”

“Now the countdown begins, 10, 9, 8… 1.”

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“The time is up, you have not made any choices, then you will explore the world in Descend Mode by default.”

“In this mode, your own basic attributes, abilities, equipment, etc. will be cleared. A new body will be cloned using your own cell, then you will use a new body to replace a character in this world. You will inherit his personal attributes, abilities, equipment, and even interpersonal relationships.”

“Warning, if you die in this mode, you too will die.”

“Leaving this world will default to leaving Descend Mode. Any rewards you get in Descend Mode will be brought to your real body.”

“You have mastered the relevant mainstream language by default; you will forget it after you leave.”

“In Descend Mode, you will not be able to get relevant information about this world.”

“Begin to enter the world…”

“The iron curtain over Siberia is slowly falling, and the western bald eagle has dominated the world.”

“The false peace seems to have come, but the conspiracy is also gradually accumulating like a dark cloud.”

“The flying huge iron bird will bring terrible death. The sky is covered with dust and dark clouds. Innocent people are crying and wailing…”

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“As one of the X factors, you appear in the world at this time…”


It seemed that a long time had passed,

And it also seemed like it was only a moment later.

Fang Linyan gradually regained consciousness. His eyelids trembled twice, and then he slowly opened his eyes. His eyes were initially blank, but they slowly began to move and focus.

“Damn it, my head, it hurts. Where… Where am I?”

He began to look around. First, he saw the gray smooth partition, then there was a stainless steel door in front. In the end, he looked down and saw the yellowish toilet seat… At this time, Fang Linyan reacted to it, he was in the compartment of the men’s bathroom.

Not only that, there was a faint smell of poor quality perfume mixed with mothballs in the air. At the same time, the tiles on the floor were also quite clean. There were also faint popular rap songs coming into his ears. The prompts by the side were all in English.

After seeing these things, Fang Linyan massaged his temples. He quickly made a judgment as he frowned,

“Hmm, it seems that I should be in a bathroom similar to a large shopping mall. It’s weird. I was unconscious in the basement of Baisheng Road No. 3, how could I end up here?”

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Just when Fang Linyan was wondering, he felt something vibrated in his trouser pocket. It was nothing but the antique phone. He subconsciously reached out and touched it. As a result, as soon as he touched the surface of the antique phone, he immediately felt a series of messages appearing in his mind. It was the series of prompts when Fang Linyan was unconscious.


After reading the prompt carefully for a while, Fang Linyan’s mind has quickly started to turn, and he began to process the newly obtained information at a high speed,

“In this way, Fang, the guys with super abilities, are called contractors? Everyone has a corresponding number.”

“It seems that I took Fang’s identity and entered this world to perform some kind of mission? Damn! How can I compare the strength of this perverted guy… Eh, Descend Mode? What the hell is this? I got it. That SMK black iron medal belonging to Fang seemed to be treated as his identity verification, then the antique phone used it to make me impersonate his identity.”

Can he survive this world? Is the Descend Mode good or bad to him?

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