After the viscous liquid was sprayed on the cabin door, it immediately splashed everywhere. The place that was splashed had sizzling white smokes coming out. It was extremely stinky.

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The skin of some unlucky passengers was splashed by it, and their skin immediately became scorched, emitted smoked, and cracked as if it was burned by a fire. They instantly screamed in pain. They poured mineral water on the skin, but it was useless.

After the door was sprayed with this liquid, a large amount of white bubbles appeared on the metal immediately, and the mutant continued to punch the door. The door was getting more and more dented; the deepest part of the dent was even cracked, exposing various parts hidden inside the door.

After a while, the sturdy cockpit door still failed to withstand this violent smash. A fist-sized hole was smashed out of the door. It was large enough to see the situation inside the cockpit. The bearded captain also looked flustered. He shouted at the tower on the ground while performing various difficult flight maneuvers frantically, trying to make the mutant unable to maintain its balance.

But at this time, the mutant also saw Fang Linyan through the hole. Its eyes beaming with hatred, staring tightly at him. At that moment, its intelligence seemed to increase slightly. It started to stabilize itself by holding onto the surrounding object, then it walked slowly to the cockpit door.

At this time, the bearded captain eagerly said,

“We are here! The airport is right in front!!”

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On the one hand, the aircraft began to dive and glide slowly, preparing for the landing.

However, the mutant also seized the rare opportunity to be stable before the plane landed. It burst its strength and charged at the cockpit door ruthlessly. The door made a creaking sound. The right arm’s skin of the mutant was scraped off by the door, revealing the bones inside.

However, it wasn’t bothered by it and continued to hit the cabin door with its bloody right arm. The sharp parts inside the cabin door pierced into the muscles and even nailed into the bones, but the door was deforming violently. It was about to be breached.

Fang Linyan took a step forward with the voodoo doll in his hand. A [Blood Spider] had dexterously jumped up and bitten the mutant; the monster immediately let out a miserable cry! It knelt on the ground while screaming with its hands holding on its head.

The bearded captain looked back hurriedly, and he was determined. He immediately controlled the plan to dive down. After a violent turbulence, the plane successfully landed. The tires on the landing gear made a long trail of white smoke. They finally successfully returned to the Boston airport…

When the plane stopped slowly, there were already many police cars surrounding the plane. There were also many SWAT special operations teams with live ammunition. Why did they pay so much attention?

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Because 20 minutes ago, a hijacked plane had crashed into the Ministry of National Defense building!

And 10 minutes ago, there was news that another hijacked plant went mad and crashed into that world-famous skyscraper… the whole country was shocked. The casualties were extremely shocking.

Therefore, if there were no accidents, the returning plane should have been hijacked and then carried out a terrorist attack, but something very strange happened on it. The plane flew back basically intact. At present, the eyes of the whole US and even the whole world were paying attention to this plane…

After the plane landed, all the exits were quickly opened. The passengers inside jumped down like dumping dumplings. Naturally, the airport had already taken appropriate measures to appease and screen them one by one.

At this time, Fang Linyan also had a cold sweat on his back, because the [Blood Spider] was still on cooldown, but the mutant had already started to recover. It madly attacked the crumbling cockpit door. It was about to get in the next moment.

The bearded driver didn’t even know that the hatred of the mutant monster was on Fang Linyan, and he opened the door next to him at the fastest speed in his life. Without waiting for the boarding ladder, he jumped down from it. Even if he cried in pain, he still endured the pain and crawled out of here quickly.

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Needless to say, Fang Linyan also jumped directly following the captain’s footsteps. After falling, he ran out in a stumble. In less than 2-3 seconds after he jumped down, the mutant also chased out fiercely.

At this time, someone started to order Fang Linyan to raise his hands and put his head on the ground. Fang Linyan raised his hands, yelling that ‘I am not a terrorist; I am harmless. The guy behind is the terrorist instead.’ while running for his life.

Needless to say, seeing the brutal and bloody appearance of the mutant, the rest of the police and SWAT members also increased their vigilance. They directly raised their guns to aim to warn it to stop. The mutant of course ignored the warning; it even attacked the one police that was in its way.

At this time, the mutant seemed to be seriously injured due to breaching the cockpit door forcefully, but because the Girad insect was more familiar with controlling the body, its overall strength had enhanced a lot.

It bent its legs, and the muscle fibers on its thighs were even torn because of excessive force. After that, it bounced forward like a big frog; the speed was astounding. The police who was being targetted was knocked flying in less than a second.

Not only that, the mutant smashed his head with an elbow in the air. Blood immediately bled from his nose and mouth, and his skull was deeply sunken by at least 10 cm. His skull had probably been broken into pieces and mixed with the brain plasma. He convulsed to death before he could make a sound.

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The mutant bit on the corpse’s throat with one bite, sucking greedily. Its pair of fierce and cruel bloody eyes scanned the surroundings. Seeing this scene, the well-trained police and SWAT team around also felt chills. They knew that the monster in front of them could no longer be described as a human, so the captain ordered the team to open fire…

Immediately, the fried beans-like gunfire sounded!

After seeing this scene, Fang Linyan finally exhaled a long breath. Although this mutant was powerful, it was not crazy enough to withstand the strafe of a dozen semi-automatic rifles. The lethality of the 7.62mm steel bullet was definitely not ordinary; it was by no means comparable by the pistol bullets.

Is he finally safe?

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