After coming here, Fang Linyan didn’t want to leave. After all, walking in the dark was also a very dangerous thing.

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Not to mention the common danger of tripping, people may also set traps on the road, and the previous introduction to the world background also mentioned mutated creatures due to radiation.

Hell, Fang Linyan was not willing to face even a mutated mouse in the dark, let alone a mutated creature…

After a simple survey in the gas station, Fang Linyan was pleasantly surprised to find that the abandoned underground oil storage next to him could be entered. Of course, there was no gasoline here.

After he got in, he found it was dry, warm, and relatively hidden. There were still burnt ashes on the ground. Obviously, someone had stayed here for the night before.

In this case, Fang Linyan took a rest here. Before taking a break, he also made a few simple sound traps with the discarded scraps next to him, so that if something approached, he could get an early warning.

After finishing all this, Fang Linyan finally sat down against the wall next to him, feeling the soreness and fatigue from his limbs. At this time, he found the bottle of liquor again from the backpack and disinfect the wound on the forehead with it.

At this time, he deeply realized why liquor was listed as a necessity in many survival manuals because this thing could refresh and warm up the drinker. It could also be used to disinfect wounds. It was an excellent way to start a fire when the surrounding environment was bad. It could be called as an omnipotent liquid.

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After chewing another half of the chocolate, Fang Linyan suddenly noticed something flashing under his retinas. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a prompt stating that he had already obtained a milestone.

Out of curiosity, Fang Linyan opened on the prompt,

You have gotten the Winchester M1887 Shotgun, which fulfills the conditions of the milestone: Big Fist is the Truth (Temporary).

You got the temporary title: Stark’s Blessing. While wearing this title, any damage you suffer from mechanical creatures will be reduced by 70%. However, the other damage you suffer will be doubled!

This title is a temporary title and will disappear after a week or after leaving the world; it will take effect if any condition is met.

After seeing this title, Fang Linyan squinted. This title is undoubtedly a double-edged sword. If it is used properly, this title can be said to exist like an artifact. If it is used at the wrong timing, then using it is undoubtedly committing suicide!

After studying this title, Fang Linyan suddenly realized that he had almost completed another milestone, and that was Murderer.

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At this time, it showed that he had killed a human, then he would get this title by killing another person. The descriptions clearly stated that this title was enhanceable.

Not only that, Fang Linyan felt that he could complete another milestone: Time is My Friend and Money. As compared to the milestones in the 811 World, these milestones were outrageously simple.

But then he thought about it carefully. The people selected in the joint trial are ordinary people whose the Space doesn’t want, if they don’t give some rookie benefits, wouldn’t they just let the people die for nothing? It will not be a test at all.

Anyway, when he was free, Fang Linyan took out the blue key dropped by Reaper-M and summoned the treasure chest. The style of this treasure box was in the form of futuristic science fiction. It was bound by a few silver-white chains, and the shape was in the form of a password box.

After opening it, Fang Linyan found that the center of the box was a silver-white bead with a texture very similar to metal. It was introduced that it was a high-value rare alloy that could be sold directly to the Space in exchange for common points.

Fang Linyan simply chose to sell it and immediately gained 1,400 common points.

There was 1 thing left in the corner of the box. This thing looked like a part that was simply disassembled directly from Reaper-M. It was its metal head that looked a little crappy. The name of the item was called The scrap of Reaper-M.

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The explanation given later was that this was the most valuable thing on Reaper-M, and the aborigines of this world should be in great demand for this. It also had great research value.

To be honest, Fang Linyan was a little disappointed with the result because he was too weak at this time. What he needed the most now was something that could instantly increase his immediate combat power! Whatever he got after opening the box, whether it was common points or the scrap of Reaper-M, was hard currency. It wouldn’t help Fang Linyan until he had something to exchange.

Before entering the joint trial, he directly took the drug to force himself to sleep for 14 hours, so Fang Linyan closed his eyes and took a nap for half an hour before feeling almost recovered.

At this time, although he was exhausted, his mind was still strong. He started to try a bold idea that he thought of before – that was to make a voodoo doll! He wanted to test if he could use black magic [Blood Spider] in non-Descend Mode.

After realizing that his spirit was as high as 11 points, Fang Linyan felt like a boss with a huge amount of money, but he was in a dilemma that he could not find a place to spend the money.

In the 811 World, the seemingly weak [Blood Spider] had brought considerable benefits to him. Without this skill, Fang Linyan would not be able to find out the big secret behind all these, and he wouldn’t be able to get enough lucrative benefits. If he could make it again, it could be regarded as a self-defense skill anyway, wasn’t it?

Unfortunately, Fang Linyan’s attempt ended in failure. The reason was very simple. After all, this black magic belonged to the category of the occult. Without the strange voodoo power, he couldn’t even make a voodoo doll, let alone casting [Blood Spider].

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After sighing disappointedly, Fang Linyan realized that the sky outside was brightened up. After flexing his hands and feet, he tried to crawl out of the oil storage. After having the experience of being blinded by the dark last night, he suddenly felt happy walking in the faint morning light.

After coming to the outside world, the first thing Fang Linyan did was to find a nearby high ground to look at the situation before making any major decision. When he climbed up to the abandoned electric tower next to him, dawn had arrived.

The visibility was excellent, and the weather was very good. The blue sky and white clouds were quite eye-catching. It was worth mentioning that the magnetic field of this world had changed drastically. He could see funnel-shaped spiral clouds everywhere in the sky; some were white, some were gray, which immediately filled the blue sky with a very fantastic atmosphere.

The surrounding terrain of the abandoned electric tower was full of bare hills, gobi, rocks, and only a small amount of gray shrubs. This place was extremely desolate.

But when he looked further away, he could see a long river called “Dunwall River” which seemed to flow from the horizon. It was shining a little bit in the sunlight. It passed by Yangfan City, and 100 meters away from the river bank had a lot of trees and plants growing vigorously, but the surface of all plants had a layer of gray in the green, which was depressing.

TL: Now his goal is to go to the city right? Can he reach there safely with encountering any hostile creatures?

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