After observing the surrounding natural environment, Fang Linyan began to look at the battlefield from a distance. Soon, he noticed that the sound of gun explosions in the distance became sparse and scattered.

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Not only that, the mechanical creature side began to retreat from the battlefield. The first to leave was an all-terrain transport vehicle with a huge fence. It was filled with human beings captured alive, then those Reaper M were covering the retreat. Therefore, it seemed that the mechanical creature side had some lack of combat power and was taking the initiative to retreat, but in fact, their strength was much stronger than human beings.

The reason for this was actually not difficult to guess because the purpose of the war by the mechanical creature side was not to exterminate humans, but to capture as many humans alive as possible at the least cost!

For the mechanical creature side, what was most needed was the precious additives extracted from human hair and blood. As long as humans were alive, their hair and blood could actually be regarded as a renewable resource.

Under this concept of warfare, fighting in the dark had inevitably become the optimal choice for the mechanical creature side. Darkness had minimal impact on mechanical creatures, but for humans whose main attack method was long-range firearms, it could reduce combat effectiveness by at least 30%.

Even when the mechanical creature felt that the loss of human beings was too great, it was not uncommon for them to take the initiative to cease the war to let the humans have a breathing time to recuperate.

Fang Linyan was undoubtedly not an idiot, so he quickly understood the current situation of the battle. He was relieved. He packed up his things, then he walked toward Yangfan City. Of course, he didn’t forget to carry the Winchester M1887 Shotgun in his hand. In such troubled times, it was necessary to show self-protection abilities to avoid attracting those greedy people.

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It was obviously not Fang Linyan’s style to act rashly, so he stopped and watched along the way. Before, when he was on the mountain, he couldn’t see the environment clearly. At this time when the daylight was clear and he could watch from a close range, he immediately noticed Yangfan City’s outskirt defense work was very solid.

Their core defensive methods were very unique. The core defensive buildings were octagonal bastions that resembled a tortoise shell. There were a large number of passes and passages inside the bastion which could greatly limit the movement speed of mechanical creatures. There were a large number of auxiliary fortifications, and there was even no shortage of primitive and powerful traps such as rockfall traps. This bastion was good in defense and offense which was tough for the enemies.

Since the first goal of mechanical creatures was to capture humans alive, they would not directly use weapons of mass destruction. Therefore, it was not difficult to imagine that invading the bastion would be very tough.

The closer he was to the city, the more common the kind of reinforced concrete bastions were. Although many had been blown up or destroyed, the tragedy on the battlefield was also very eye-catching. The corpse was also a treasure for mechanical creatures. So, although blood was spilled everywhere, those shocking casualties couldn’t be seen.

As Fang Linyan continued to advance, an apparently newly built line of defense appeared in front of him. At least 2 dozen soldiers with real ammunition were guarding here. There was also a fixed M61 Vulcan behind them. This thing could launch a metal storm in just a few seconds, tearing everything in front to pieces.

A flag was inserted to the ground in front of the defense line. This gray flag had burnt marks and bullet holes, but the logo of the clenched steel fist was still vivid.

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These soldiers seemed to be sitting together chatting, but their eyes were very insidious. The rest of the people came in and out of the defensive line at will. But when it was Fang Linyan’s turn to enter, a tall man of about 1.8 meters in front pressed his hand on the gun on his waist and said faintly,

“I have never seen you before, why are you going in? WHO-ARE-YOU?”

When he talked, the rest of the people showed a look of well-trained. Although there were still some standing and sitting, their muscles under the combat uniform were tense. They would enter a combat state at any time. It was like a group of wild wolves lying on the ground and taking sunbath seemed to be careless, but once the prey appeared, they were immediately ready to hunt.

Fortunately, Fang Linyan had already a plan for this, so he raised his hand and said,

“Hey, take it easy, I’m not hostile; I’m just a stray scavenger who passes by.”

“I was sleeping on the mountain in the west last night, then I saw a jeep being chased wildly by a Reaper M, so I wanted to see if anyone could help.”

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“In the end, the person in the car tried his best to kill the monster, but when I went to treat him, his lower body was already like melted chocolate chip cookie ice cream… I found this ID on his body. Does anyone know him?”

As Fang Linyan said, he handed Carles’ identity card up. After the guy who interrogated him took a look, he whistled and turned his head,

“Wow, Hans, the thief who stole your baby has been found.”

A man in his thirties standing next to him immediately stood up. His body exuded a pungent smell of motor oil. Besides, there was a pistol with a shocking barrel diameter on his waist:

“Really!? Where is Carles? Quickly tell me, captain. I will do what I say this time. After catching him, I will use a wrench to smash his ball on the right!”

Seeing Hans gritted his teeth, the captain shrugged and said,

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“It’s a pity that you can’t do this anymore because according to what this scavenger said, after Carles stole your baby last night and escaped, he was unfortunately spotted by a ReaperM and died together.”

“If I’m not mistaken, his body has been taken away by Reaper who was cleaning the battlefield. The ball that you want to smash is probably in the giant mixing furnace of the mechanical monster… “

After talking about this, the captain looked at Fang Linyan and said,

“Boy, let’s make a deal. You tell me the location of the jeep that Carles drove away. I’ll let you in, but don’t make trouble.”

Fang Linyan said simply,

“You walk down the road to the west. After about 6 kilometers, you will see a collapsed billboard on the side of the road. The billboard has words like ‘this holiday we take no gift’, then there will be a small path 200 meters ahead. The end of the small path is an abandoned factory. The jeep is in the factory. I must first explain one thing, its damage is quite heavy.”

TL: Even humans have to be checked? Are the remaining humans not united as 1 at all?

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