At this time, Fang Linyan offered a completely new idea, then he directed the group to start.

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The old man guarding the door was actually a retired mechanic, and he was quite familiar with Dolga, so he was also watching by the side.

This old man was actually as stubborn as Hans. After hearing what Fang Linyan said, he initially tried his best to object, but as the work progressed, the old man realized that this path was feasible according to Fang Linyan’s skills.

It was just that the people here all had very conservative thoughts. They were stuck on “how to fix the jeep”, so they went straight into a dead end.

After dismantling the jeep and the other six scrapped vehicles, they created such a monster! This car was modified from the chassis of a VBC armored car, and the engine was a VXIII eight-cylinder diesel engine with up to 1240 horsepower. Where did this engine come from? It was exchanged from the people in the maintenance base with the 981A engine disassembled from the jeep.

Because 981A gasoline engines were more adaptable on the market, they were more expensive. The VXIII eight-cylinder diesel engines were cheaper, so the other party also agreed very readily.

The shovel in front of the vehicle was dismantled from an armored minesweeper in the scrapyard, and the protective external armor on the vehicle was disassembled from the other 2 armored personnel carriers.

Of course, they also encountered a series of problems during assembly, but their behavior also attracted the curiosity of the onlooker engineers in the maintenance base. Therefore, several technical difficulties were discussed and resolved by everyone, so it was completed so fast.

In the process of transformation, Fang Linyan played the leader role at least 40%, so the others looked at him differently and did not hide their ideas when discussing.

In this case, Fang Linyan also found that the technology in this world at least in terms of machine repair was very deformed- such as welding and cutting technologies were at least 20 years ahead of the Earth he came from, but some technologies were 20 years behind.

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He really felt a little weird at first. Later, considering that this was a barren world after the war, human civilization, social structure and social order collapsed rapidly in a short period of time. Human beings had become the vulnerable party, so this kind of uneven technologies were understandable.

Of course, there was another possibility that a large organization such as Iron Fist Brotherhood artificially controlled a lot of black technology, but they did not spread it to the private sector. The reason might be lack of resources and inability to promote it on a large scale, or it could be possible that the Brotherhood was using it to maintain its regime.

After Hans came, he took the initiative to help after being surprised. With the help of cutting and welding technology that had surpassed the Earth for 2 decades, the efficiency of vehicle modification is faster.

During this process, Fang Linyan had a clear understanding of Hans’ skills. After all, he was a direct competitor.

Fang Linyan immediately realized that Hans was actually quite slow in thinking. The reason why he was able to repair the vehicle was entirely based on his experience as an apprentice.

To put it simply, Hans had a lot of exposure to the common problems of vehicles when he was an apprentice. He was able to cope with it mechanically by memorizing, but if it were not a common failure, he would not change his idea at all and be lost in it.

Of course, this modified car must also have many drawbacks, such as no comfort, high fuel consumption, probably more minor issues due to the lack of test drive, etc. However, one flaw cannot obscure the splendor of the jade; its selling points were far greater than its drawbacks.

So, when Fang Linyan stood in front of Lieutenant Lucan, he got a prompt,

“Contestant ZB419: You successfully completed the hidden mission: Allies!”

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“Lieutenant Lucan is very satisfied with the answer sheet you handed in.”

“Satisfaction: 110%! You will get extra rewards!”

“You successfully unlocked the reputation of Iron Fist Brotherhood!”

“You got an extra reward: Iron Fist Brotherhood reputation +400, your Iron Fist Brotherhood reputation at this time: 400/1000 (friendly).”

“You will get a bronze badge of Iron Fist Brotherhood which can prove that you are a friend of Iron Fist Brotherhood.”

“You will get an additional reward: shock enhancement module (advanced)!”

Fang Linyan just finished reading the series of information jumping on his retinas, then he saw Lieutenant Lucan patted his shoulder with satisfaction,

“Nice job, Wrench! You complete your task better than I thought!”

At this time, another soldier Witt had already walked over with a whistle and said with joy,

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“Boss, do you see the expression on Chet’s bitch face? It’s a mixture of envy and jealousy. This is so refreshing! That damn guy is very good at playing tricks, so I decided to sleep in this big baby these few nights! If anyone dares to make trouble, I will let him taste the electric shock!”

As soon as Witt said that, Hans was already yelling,

“Witt, its name is Mammoth! Let me tell you another news. I have decided to live in it for a month, so your plan has to be postponed for at least 1 month.”

Witte, “Fuck you!…”

Seeing his subordinates start to make jokes, the morale was obviously boosted. Lieutenant Lucan’s gloomy face also showed a smile,

“I have already told Gagie that you don’t want his shotgun shock enhancement module and let him refund 8 platinum coins to you. Keep them.”

As he said, he threw a bag to Fang Linyan. Fang Linyan took a look and found that it contained the common currency platinum coins. This thing looked only the size of a fingernail, but its material was not platinum at all. It was more like aluminum, but the patterns and writing on it were very clear and exquisite which was difficult for ordinary people to counterfeit.

Then Lieutenant Lucan looked at the time and said to Dolga,

“There are only 20 minutes before changing shift. I’ll do something, you lead the team, okay?”

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Dolga was originally the deputy captain, so he nodded and said,

“Okay, boss.”

Lieutenant Lucan looked at the modified “Mammoth” car again and said thoughtfully,

“This kid can be considered as solving our urgent need. I remember we still have 1 more badge this year right?”

Dolga was stunned, then he nodded and threw something over,

“Boy, you save us from walking 50 kilometers in the dark today, so… you are now my people.”

Fang Linyan caught the thing and took a look. It turned out that it was a bronze badge. The surface of the badge also had a clenched steel fist. The back of the badge was carved with: advictoriam (invincible), followed by a line of small words: this badge is awarded to those who have shown kindness to the great Iron Fist Brotherhood and made excellent contributions.

TL: A more powerful shotgun module? Well well well…

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