[58. Suddenly came the spring breeze]

@Song brother Song brother, your family’s lotus is so stifling. Even I don’t have the mood to tease him anymore. Also, your plane still hasn’t landed? (Via, Smile Brother is the Most Handsome in the World)

You dare to tease him, I’ll cut of your hand (It’s SY not Hand.Yin// Reply to Smile Brother is the Most Handsome in the World)

Is it okay for you two to act like this on Weibo? (The evil, charming and dark Yun//Forward to Weibo)

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Bai Lian Hua remembered this song he had heard when he watched a TV drama before, “With a gentle push, you pushed open the door to my heart………” At this moment, Bai Lian Hua was fully relating to those lyrics when he saw Song Qingge push open the door.

Wait! The plot appears to be progressing too fast!……..Aiyou, don’t worry about the details………What? You want me to explain? Okay then…..the truth to the matter is actually like this.

Chen Tian turned off his phone and turned to face the people in a room with a sly smile: “Everyone, want to make a bet?” As Chen Tian’s loyal dog, Wang Hong immediately raised his dog paw: “Okay, betting on what?”

“I bet that after ten minutes, Great God will come. What do you guys think?” Ah, of course as he said this, his eyes were definitely not looking in Bai Lian Hua’s direction! Hey, what is this feeling of hunting prey?

“That’s impossible.” Wang Hong expressed his denial, “Didn’t you just say it? Great God had never participated in these game meet ups~”

Li Shenzhou raised his hand and looked at the ticking hand on his watch. He thoughtfully squinted: “There’s still ten minutes until twelve o’clock. Twelve o’clock. Let’s see what happens.”

Ah, there’s still ten minutes until he see’s Song Qingge? ………Bai Lian Hua felt a little distressed as he fiddled with the table cloth in front of him. Seemingly worried, he bit tightly onto his lower lip. Should he go and hide out in the toilet?……..But if he did that then wouldn’t it make him seem too concerned? If he knew that this would happen he wouldn’t have come………Or perhaps this was actually something he had expected but didn’t want to admit all along?

Lotus sister is a big coward. With his red roots, he is a timid coward that easily enraged others.

It just so happened that at this time Chen Tian said with a whisper that wasn’t too loud or too soft and was heard by Bai Lian Hua: “Hey, Song brother went abroad for so long. I wonder how he is recently……..” He is definitely fine! With all the foreign blond haired girls around him and encountering all those large racks just by walking down the streets, he must be having the time of his life there. He had heard that foreign girls tend to be more open and assertive. If that isn’t enough, homosexuality is also more prominent there and gay bars proudly continue to run their business……Even if someone dislikes the short and petite figure of Orientals, at least Song brother can raise his hips and welcome the crowd. (KKnotes: OMG BLH >///<)

Bai Lian Hua’s mood changed subtly but he didn’t know how to describe this feeling he is having. His thoughts were a mess and before he could think about what expression he should have when he sees Song Qingge, Song Qingge had already arrived.

Just like the scene described at the beginning of this chapter, his arrival was clean and chic. There were no signs of tiredness or fatigue on his face. Perhaps because he had been studying abroad for a while now, it seems that he felt a little more foreign now. At least, he no longer is the student who wore a white shirt and, instead, appeared a little more mature.

As if they were meeting for the first time, Song Qingge did not even spare him a glance and instead turned his attention to Chen Tian who sat at the centre. With a calm tone, he spoke to him like an old friend that he had been close to for many years: “Chen Tian, why haven’t you started eating yet?”

Chen Chen Tian: “……..” F*ck! Song Qingge, why are you using me as the sacrificial cannon fodder between you and Bai Lian Hua? If you feel apologetic about this, at least call me master. It’s no wonder there is that old saying, the master may abuse me a thousand times but I will follow the master like first love…….

“I need to wait for the game representative to finish their speech first.” Chen Tian shrugged and said this with a tone of helplessness.

Song Qingge randomly picked an empty seat and sat down. Looking around he asked: “Where’s Yun Yu?” “He just left mysteriously earlier.” It was a familiar and intimate chat. It looked like he had never had Lotus sister in his eyes, or to say, in his heart.

Bai Lian Hua felt his back grow cold.

“Oh, I still owe him the money for the Durex.” “Pfft. What have you been doing?” “It’s not me, he was the one who did it…….”

Bai Lian Hua also knew about it. It was the night that he went to sleep at Song Qingge’s place for the night……Yun Yu had secretly stuffed contraception into the box of milk.

Chen Tian raised his hand, his posture seemingly as if he wanted to touch his head, but he stopped and changed it to patting Song Qingge’s shoulder: “Don’t worry about it. You should switch how you treat him into treating him like an enemy. Understand?”

As if everyone else was being excluded, Li Shenzhou was almost blinded by the peach-coloured atmosphere and even Wang Hong didn’t dare to speak up, afraid that he would become the third wheel of his idol.

But who is Wang Hong? He thought about it for a moment; even if Smile is bisexual, Great God isn’t someone who would like men. Why would he watch them with rose coloured glasses…….Thinking this, his mood improved immensely and immediately opened his mouth to send his greetings:”Aiya! Great God! You really are Great God! The Great God that numerous people worship and can’t help but want to bow down to?”

“You used too many adjectives. I didn’t hear it clearly. Say it again.” Song Qingge stopped chatting with Chen Tian and moved his attention to Wang Hong.

F*ck. So cold! So charismatic! Wang Hong’s M body trembled. “Great God….Are you Great God?” (KKnotes: M = masochistic)

“Yeah.” “Great God! I’m Hundred Days Red! I really admire you! I am you fan…….” Wang instantly stood up and grabbed Song Qingge’s jade hands. His eyes were blazing with passion like the eyes of a fanatic, “I’m called Wang Hong. I, I, I……..Great God, what’s your name?”

“Song Qingge.””This name is sounds so beautiful. It doesn’t sound like Great God’s name!” …..Clearly, the excited Wang Hong who wanted to suck up to Song Qingge didn’t know how to do it properly.

Even so, Song Qingge still expressed his gratitude. “Haha…….I thought that as the Great God, you should at least be called something like ‘Wang Meng’, ‘Qin Tong Yi, ‘Zhao Quang Zhong’ and the like……..” This time, no-one laughed with him and the atmosphere had become stagnant. Wang Hong continued and suddenly swept his eyes towards Bai Lian Hua who sat in the corner doing his best to hide his presence. “Great God! This is White Lotus, your disciple! Let me introduce you guys…….Come, Bai Lian Hua, give him your greeting!”

Pig-like teammates can emerge from anywhere. Bai Lian Hua expressed his empathy to Smile brother.

“I know.” With just this sentence, Wang Hong’s excitement fell into embarrassment, “We used to be at the same school.”

Wang Hong opened and closed his mouth incredulously: “Ah? I haven’t heard you say this before.” “It’s in the past. Don’t mind it.” His voice was as indifferent and as decisive as ever. For some reason, Bai Lian Hua thought of this line from a poem: “The master had two intentions. From far he came to cut relations.” Wait……….Isn’t it too strange to be thinking of poetry right now?!

Song Qingge seemed to brush it off as if he couldn’t care less causing the trembling fingers of Bai Lian Hua to gradually calm down. Yes, it’s all in the past……..This is what it should be.

But……..Why was it easy to say but so difficult to accept. Hearing those words, Bai Lian Hua felt as if he just drank super concentrated bitter coffee and felt very uncomfortable inside.

Bai Lian Hua silently cursed at himself. Who told you to act so stupidly? Who told you to make such a fuss over nothing?

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