[39. The Earth Shattering Truth] 

”Yu Yun is a legendary character in the hacker world. He is equivalent to the Great God in online games. He was the one that I said who hacked you initially.” After about half an hour, Bai Lian Hua received an email reply from Roommate. At this time, he was following them around Yulong Snow Mountain and gaining experience. Well ok, it wasn’t only himself that was gaining experience.

[Private chat] White Lotus: Roommate you’re online~

[Private chat] Lonely like Snow: Yes.

[Private chat] White Lotus: You said that Yu Yun is the one who initially hacked me??

[Private chat] Lonely like snow: Yes.

[Private chat] White Lotus: -口-!! Why would he hack me?

[Private chat] Lonely like Snow: He is a sick pervert. He likes to hack anyone whenever he feels like it!

[Private chat] White Lotus: Asking for details!

”That’s just the case. Anyway, you just have to know that he is very arrogant and shameless!” Roommate summed up the reputation of this person with this concise summary. Fast, accurate, and shameless. However it still left Bai Lian Hua confused.

[Private chat] Lonely like Snow: I despise him on behalf of the general public. You just have to know this.

[Private chat] White Lotus: -口-? Why?

[Private chat] Lonely like Snow: The average hacker has principles but he is purely at the lower limits!

[Private chat] Yun Yu: SY, did you always think of me like this?

[Private chat] White Lotus: 0口0. Isn’t this a private chat between two people?! Whats going on with that statement above this?!

No… What was even more strange was that Yun Yu called Great God SY and also called Roommate SY…..did he make a mistake? It didn’t look like it! Although Bai Lian Hua can be naturally dense (Roommates original words), it didn’t mean that he is an idiot. Bai Lian Hua deep inside formed a small speculation but he quickly laughed at himself for being so ridiculous. Great God = Roommate = Song Qingge? Roommate is already a working adult……and Great God had only just turned eighteen. Moreover, their personality are complete opposites……

But.… is it really impossible?

[Private chat] Yun Yu: Hehe. White Lotus don’t get too worried. I only installed an application.

[Private chat] Yun Yu: SY, why don’t you continue?

[Private chat] Lonely like Snow: I must say… Yu Yun you are sometimes really annoying.

[Private chat] Yun Yu: Isn’t it just because I made you to post a message~ Do you really need to hold a grudge for that until now?

[Private chat] White Lotus: …

SY. Again, it’s SY. Bai Lian Hua stood outside the circle staring at the blinding truth sitting in the centre but he didn’t have the courage or determination to touch it and confirm his conjecture.

[Private chat] Yun Yu: Would you like me to help you remember?

[Private chat] Yun Yu: [I, Hand, yin, fell down in the crotch of Yu Yun] Posted by: SY

[Private chat] Lonely like Snow: It’s a miracle that you have managed to survive to today without getting stabbed by someone.

[Private chat] Yun Yu: So evil! If you’re willing to gamble, you have to accept your loss understand?

[Private chat] White Lotus: …So what is going on here? Can anyone tell me the truth?

[Private chat] Lonely like Snow: …

[Private chat] White Lotus: Roommate, what is your relationship with Song Qingge?

Bai Lian Hua’s hand unconsciously left the keyboard and reached across to pinch at the corner of his shirt. The shirt hem, which was originally not straight, was now wrinkled by him. If one was to describe his current mood, it was as if level 12 waves were crashing down inside him.

[Private chat] Yun Yu: Hehe. I won’t bother you anymore. I’ll leave first. You guys have fun talking.

Bai Lian Hua looked at the silent chat channel for a long time, but didn’t know what to do or think.

One minute. Two minutes. On the screen Yun Yu remained motionless and Great God was still fighting monsters mechanically as if he didn’t know anything; as if nothing had happened.

Three minutes. Four minutes. The nearby monsters were all demolished and there was no more monsters around them anymore.

[Private chat] White Lotus: Earlier, I assumed that you were busy fighting monsters and didn’t have time. Can you tell me now?

Five or six seconds after that sentence was sent, the two accounts of Great God and Lonely like Snow became gray on his friends list. This meant that the two of them, no, that is – Song Qingge – had gone offline.

Bai Lian Hua smashed his keyboard causing his hands to hurt and felt a rush of complicated emotions within him. It wasn’t happiness nor was it hate. It was just an inexplicable sensation of powerlessness and confusion. If Roommate = Great God = Sing Qingge…he didn’t know how he could face Song Qingge in the future, On top of that, their relationship became even more confusing.

Bai Lian Hua suddenly remembered some forgotten details. Maybe it wasn’t because Great God concealed his identity very well but rather because he was too dense and never noticed……

”How do you know that God hates you?”

”Are you sure you arranged an appointment with him to return the money?

” In fact, I am as powerful as Great God! Lotus sister, you have to believe me!”


”I am three years apart from you. Call me SY.”

Three years difference….Why did he immediately assume that he was older by three years? 21-3, isn’t that 18? Bai Lian Hua didn’t know how others would react in this situation. He could only think —-life, why are you so dramatic!

[Private chat] White Lotus: Yun Yu, Great God = SY = Song Qingge. Is that right?

[Private chat] Yun Yu: You guess.

[Private chat] White Lotus: I guess that it’s correct.

[Private chat] Yun Yu: I seemed to have made him angry.

[Private chat] White Lotus: …

[Private chat] Yun Yu: Oh this is so troubling! Looks like I need to protect my computer well for the next few days.

Yun Yu placed down the fan in his hand and took out a sorbet from the freezer. The air conditioner had broken recently and he was too lazy to repair it. In this sweltering heat, he would therefore take at least two baths every day.

”Song brother, I was just helping you.” The computer screen suddenly turned black and Yun Yu couldn’t help but laugh. “You’re so fast to act.”

The last confrontation between the two was two years ago.

It was the day when the website changed owners and the original owner was ready to abdicate but he still had not decided on who would take over and manage the group. At that time, Yun Yu was still a low key hacker. He was so low key that no one knew his name. What’s more, his personality was the type that uncontrollably angered others.

Then he made a post on the site. The general idea of it was: Challenging all moderators on this website for a week. The loser should publicly post: [I, XX, fell down in the crotch of Yu Yun.]

At the time, the moderators of the website were annoyed. Posts like these, they’ve seen plenty of and after no less than two hours, the post was deleted. Of course, by just having his post deleted, he was not reconciled.

Directly invading the system and looking at the difference between the people within, Yun Yu knew that he would not be bored for the next week.

As a result, several posts sprung up like mushrooms.

[I, Hair Ball, fell down in the crotch of Yu Yun.] BY. Qiu Qiu

[I, Gentleman, fell down in the crotch of Yu Yun.] BY. Bliss

…. At first it was just the small moderators with little fame. Later –

[I, Stupidly Sweet, fell down in the crotch of Yu Yu.] BY. Chen Tian

[I, Dumbo,fell down in the crotch of Yu Yu. ] BY. Shabi

… until eventually,

[I, Hand, yin, fell down in the crotch of Yu Yun]BY: SY

1L: [Moderator Chen Tian]: Hey! Master you…

2L: [Management · Bliss]: I didn’t see anything.

3L: [Super Moderator·Shabi]: I really want to pin this post to the top. What should I do?


[I, Squid King,, fell down in the crotch of Yu Yun. Yu Yun you win, the webmaster position will given to you. ]BY. Li Yu

Li Yu, was the webmaster at the time.

At that moment, Yun Yu started feeling a little lonely. With the whole hacker society all sitting beneath him now, their ego’s shattered cleanly, he started feeling bored.

However, the pressure that he had not experienced in a long time once again returned to him. Yun Yu only knew that he was excited. He was very excited at this moment to the point that even the tips of his fingers were trembling. Sure enough…..once angered, people have unlimited potential. The key to that, is it Bai Lian Hua?

The key Bai Lian Hua is currently looking for his other teammate who had also disappeared before him. Two people. No, Three people. Suddenly disappeared in front of him…..it was way too unscientific!

What should he do? Alone, he walked down the Yulong Snow Mountain. Bai Lian Hua couldn’t help but fell suffocated and depressed.

[Private chat] White Lotus: Smile, are you on?

[Private chat] Half Crazy Smile: Hey, what happened Lotus?

[Private chat] White Lotus: Is Roommate Great God?

[Private chat] Half Crazy Smile: Aha? Why are you asking this?

[Private chat] White Lotus: Just asking.

[Private chat] Half Crazy Smile: Lotus you are so cute. How is this possible! How are they alike? ==.

[Private chat] White Lotus: …

Bai Lian Hua went silent. Yeah, how are they alike? But he couldn’t help but think so.

Who cares if Roommate is Great God and Great God is Roommate? Bai Lian Hua asked himself.

Whether it’s Great God or Roommate. They’re all his friends and benefactors. Although they may not have necessarily saved his life, they did help him to a lot. What’s more, they had known each other for four years…..

Bai Lian Hua forced a slight smile on his face, hoping that it would improve his mood but it didn’t work. He decided that next time he sees Roommate or Great God go online, he will not care about them at all! Bastard! To think that he lied to me for so long! I won’t give him any attention!

While Bai Lian Hua was cursing at him angrily, Song Qingge suddenly sneezed. His hand trembled causing the code to be typed incorrectly……….

English letters of a different colour mixed with random symbols started to densely fill his screen. The originally evenly matched war between the two, because of a small sneeze, caused him to lose.

Song Qingge lowered his hand in frustration and couldn’t help but laugh scornfully. Today was really a bad day. To think that because of a small thing like that, he lost the match. A mistake in love would equate to a mistake on the battlefield? He closed his eyes and forced himself to clear his mind.

I should first figure out how I should explain things to Bai Lian Hua.

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