[34. Extra – When They First Met]

In fact, that year, he was a normal young boy who spent each day studying and exercising his body with the dream to protect his motherland in the future….

Of course… this was before he met Bai Lian Hua.

He had never met such an annoying person. On a forum page with fifty comments, forty-three would be written by someone with the ID Little Lotus Is White. It was always the same content: OP you look very strong! Please take me as disciple! Throws confetti~~

For an instant, he had the urge to block his IP….of course, it was only for an instant. He is the forum administrator so even if he is internally dissatisfied, he was still required to respond to him politely. Of course, this so called polite refusal is only relative.

”Sorry, no time.”

He thought that with this, it would finally stop but the next day, he actually received two pages of comments.

”OP I’ve entered the verification code so many times now so please accept me as disciple!”

Most of the other people’s reply afterwards was also extremely rage-inducing. For example…

”Yes, OP please accept him!” “This must be true love!” “I wish you true happiness!!!”

Coincidentally, the TV next door was currently playing a drama and the dialogue from the drama drifted through the wall to his ears –

”You demon, I’ll accept you!”

”What is your penguin account?”

He refreshed his page twice, and almost instantly received a reply. The answer that he received, however, made him speechless.

”What is Penguin?”

”Baidu it.” He replied and turned off his computer screen. He then went to one side, opened his school bag and proceeded to do his homework.

After half an hour, he finished his homework and refreshed the page. He saw that the person nicknamed “Little Lotus is White” actually replied to him twenty minutes ago.

”Ah? So penguin is similar to MSN? I am so ignorant TUT. Penguin number: 469752697″

He added him.

The Red Lotus Shining White Gloriously 20:07:37

Ahhhhhhhh!!! You finally added me!!!!! I am so excited!!!!

SY 20: 07: 40


The Red Lotus Shining White Gloriously 20:07:54

Wuwuwu, hello teacher!

SY 20:08:03

Don’t call me teacherI

The Red Lotus Shining White Gloriously 20:08:19

OTZ What should I call you then?

SY 20:08:25


The Red Lotus Shining White Gloriously 20:08:34

?? What??

Song Qingge frowned in front of his computer, and finally slowly typed out a line.

SY 20:09:44


The Red Lotus Shining White Gloriously 20:10:07

– 口 -!! The veil of success??

SY 20:10:13


The Red Lotus Shining White Gloriously 20:10:27

SY sounds bad. I’ll call you Roommate! (KKnotes: Roommate in Chinese is ‘She You’ hence SY)

SY 20:10:51

Up to you

The Red Lotus Shining White Gloriously 20:11:09

Roommate, hello~ I am White Lotus!

SY 20:11:16


The Red Lotus Shining White Gloriously 20:11:49

Teach me how to hack systems! I’m fed up with my schools computer not having internet!!!

For a moment, Song Qingge had the urge to hack him.

SY 20:11:57

If your school doesn’t have internet connection, you won’t be able to hack it

The Red Lotus Shining White Gloriously 20:12:18

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roommate why are you so cruel??!!!!

SY 20:12:55

I just stated the facts.

The Red Lotus Shining White Gloriously 20:13:27

Ok… I know…

On the first week, White Lotus said to him.

”Roommate! I’ve decided! I can learn other things from you!”

On the second week, White Lotus told him.

”Roommate, Roommate~ How do you get the source code of a page? I got it wrong a few times!!”

On the third week, White Lotus told him.

”Roommate! Don’t be so cold. T_T. Every time I talk to you, I feel so scared.”

”What’s so scary?”

”What’s not scary! Every time I talk to you, I’m always nervous T_T.”

”Oh. ” Song Qingge was silent for a few seconds and entered: “That is not considered scary.”

”I also don’t know OTZ.”


”Maybe just talk more!”

”For example”

”…OTZ. Roommate, I have a problem communicating with you! Definitely!!”

On the fourth week, he said to White Lotus.

”You change your username. Too long, doesn’t look good.”

On the fifth week, he said to the White Lotus.

”It’s exam week, how can you still go online every day?”

”T_T. Maybe I have Internet addiction… If I don’t go online I don’t feel comfortable.”

”How old are you?”

”Seventeen! Soon I’ll be taking the college entrance examinations~ How old are you?”

“Three years difference.”

”Nani? You are only twenty??”

Not twenty…I’m fourteen. Song Qingge said silently in his heart.

On the sixth week, White Lotus said to him.

”Roommate, I am going to take the exam soon! I will be disconnected for a month. Wish me all the best!”

The tenth week.

White Lotus 19:27:23

Roommate! I finished the exam today!! So happy!!

Roommate 19:27:49哟

Yo~ Little Lotus! I haven’t seen you for so long!

White Lotus 19:27:59

0.0……Yes! I miss you too.

Roommate 19:28:16 Hey

Humph, this brother is so charismatic, it’s no surprise you miss me!

White Lotus 19:28:51

……….Speak up! Who are you?!! Why did you hack my teachers account?!!


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