[32. Silently Fixing the Text]

It had been said that next to the mountains and by the ocean, there was a White Lotus……his heart is very strong such that even strong winds and heavy rains cannot bend him. And so, the strong and resiliant White Lotus had already tossed aside yesterdays oath to ‘never log into the game again’as well as ignoring Roommates words, ‘I don’t believe your words anymore!’ and is currently happily broadcasting in the guild channel.

[Guild] White Lotus: Anyone? Alive or dead? Come and do the guild tasks!! Otherwise I’ll cut off your ****!!

[Guild] Lonely like Snow: …..F*ck! You don’t have [Beep—-] yet you want to cut off others? Lotus you are too vicious.

[Guild] Half Crazy Smile: Roommate! Don’t talk like that! Even if Lotus’s little one is small and weak, we shouldn’t discriminate against him.

[Guild] Hundred Days Red: The images of the Hall of Fame masters are shattering……

[Guild] White Lotus: Everyone is responsible for the establishment of the guild!!

[Guild] Hundred Days Red: Woof Woof Woof!

[Guild] White Lotus: -L- Where is your integrity?

[Guild] Lonely like Snow: Integrity? What’s that? Haven’t heard of it…

[Guild] White Lotus: OTZ. Asking to form a group to do a trade task!

[Guild] Half Crazy Smile: Why do I also want to learn from Hundred Days Red and bark a few times?

In the heart of Bai Lian Hua, a group of grass mud horses roared and rushed, waving a hoof without taking along an alpaca… (KKnotes: basically he’s cursing them out~)

[Guild] White Lotus: If you don’t help! I……I……I……..

[Guild] Lonely like Snow: What are you going to do?

[Guild] White Lotus: …

[Guild] Half Crazy Smile: Asking you to kneel and pledge submission

[Guild] White Lotus: …

[Guild] Lonely like Snow: Smile are you looking to get hit? Seeking to PK!

[Guild] Half Crazy Smile: Lotus sister isn’t upset, why are you upset!

[Guild] Lonely like Snow: …..I will destroy you on behalf of the moon!

[Guild] White Lotus: Hey hey! If you guys don’t go then I will go by myself!

[Guild] Lonely like Snow: In fact, I also want to heard Lotus pledge submission

[Guild] White Lotus: …..Sh*t!

[Guild] White Lotus: You guys really won’t come?

[Guild] Lonely like Snow: …..Where is it? Count me in.

[Guild] Half Crazy Smile: I’ll also go.

Bai Lian Hua satisfactorily saw that the ten-person limit team had instantly filled with two more. Suddenly, the confidence of successfully completing the trading task was greatly increased…

[Guild] Half Crazy Smile: How lonely are you Lotus…..to need others to accompany you while you complete a trade task.

[Guild] White Lotus: I am afraid of being robbed, understand?

There are two advantages to doing a trading task. One is to make money for yourself, and the other is to make money for the Guild. Ten thousand silver tickets can be exchanged for some guild funds.

As for the trading task, because you are not allowed to use the transmission skill while you are completing it, it is recognised as the most tedious task to complete. It takes a lot of time to move around the major cities and so it is troublesome to the point of giving you a headache. But the only way to earn silver tickets is to do a trade task, so even if it is very troublesome, you still have you persevere and do it. Some guilds even hired players who didn’t do much normally to help complete these tasks.

But the most annoying aspect is, the market price is always changing and mysterious. For the same item that is sold to the same place, one moment you would have made a profit and the next minute you would make a loss………..it’s like you had spent a lot of money for a pure maiden only to find that she had already been broken into…….cough, in short, it is something that made players both love and hate the task.

Moreover, it was not only this that turned players away from the task. You could also get attacked by a thief at any moment. He may be an NPC arranged by the system or another player in disguise. They come with the intent to not only kill you but also to rob you of your assets. To even want your money and after already taking your life. It’s like a pervert seeing a completely stripped widow and not only wanting to QJ her, he even QJ’s her daughter! So hateful!

And there are also some people who form teams to attack and rob the players completing the trading task, specifically for their silver tickets. What is even more hateful is that for players completing the trading task, the system will automatically turn their names light purple. It’s practically saying: Laozi has money! Lots of money! Come and take them you bunch of idiots!

At the beginning, the system will give the player 50,000 to trade. Once it becomes 100,000, then the task is considered to be completed. If you made a loss, or is robbed, or somehow failed the task, the 50,000 would still need to be repaid by the guild. If there are not enough guild funds, then they will continue owing that amount. If the debt accumulates to one million, the system will force the guild to disband. From Bai Lian Hua’s knowledge, there really were quite a few guilds that were forced to be disbanded.

Therefore, Bai Lian Hua was not being unreasonably worried. Players like Roommate and Half Crazy Smile with their high ranking and excellent equipment, they would never be able to understand Bai Lian Hua’s sadness. It was just like day being unable to understand night’s darkness.

First was to accept the task at the novice village. The group of people slowly made their ways to the closest main city in the novice village….the reason why I used ‘slowly’ to describe it is because when performing this task, the players’ speed falls by 40% and everything looks as if it were in slow motion, slowly and leisurely…….swaying here…. and there…..

[Team] Half Crazy Smile: Look, another novice from the novice village just ran past us….

[Team] Lonely like Snow: Smile, please don’t use such a cheery tone to state such a sad fact…

[Team] White Lotus: If you two don’t complain will you die? Will you? Will you??!

[Team] Lonely like Snow: Look at my username, I’m so lonely I want to die.

After walking through a long forest path surrounded by birds and flowers, and then through a small forest, they finally saw the main city in the distance. Their footsteps were stopped when they noticed a slim girl standing before them.

[Team] White Lotus: Look! Roommate, that person is wearing almost the same thing as you!

The reason why he said that it was almost the same and not exactly the same is because, from top to bottom, the character looked like a blooming red rose, appearing very bright and dazzling……and Roommates one was slightly different – it’s light effect didn’t look as glamourous…….

[Team] Half Crazy Smile: What is that person called?

[Team] Lonely like Snow: I opened the big map and checked. It seems to be called He Qiuer.

[Team] White Lotus: ….seems to be a mission NPC?

[Team] Lonely like Snow: Yes, it is indeed a mission NPC… It seems to be the [Shili Lotus] mission…

[Team] Half Crazy Smile: Yoyoyoyoyo! Let’s go! Go and defeat the BOSS!

[Team] Lonely like Snow: …

[Team] White Lotus: What level is the Boss?

[Team] Lonely like Snow: It seems to be sixty…

[Team] White Lotus: Hey! Smile wait for me! Let’s go and fight the BOSS together!

[Team] Lonely like Snow: ….Are you sure??

[Team] Lonely like Snow: If you take this task, not only will your speed remain 40% slower, you will also need to figure out why the vegetable aunty’s son is missing, why vegetable uncles paintings are not selling why, why there are two chickens missing, why uncles cow isn’t going through its estrus……

[Team] Half Crazy Smile: I have been playing online games for so many years and this is the first time I’ve encountered such a challenging mission…

[Team] White Lotus: … I just accidentally clicked the girl…

[Team] White Lotus: … and then… I accepted the task…

[Team] Half Crazy Smile: What is the first task?

[Team] White Lotus: … Go back to the novice village to find Huang pharmacist.

[Team] Lonely like Snow: I feel like if I continue to speak, my integrity will be lost…you guys discuss it amongst yourselves…

[Team] White Lotus: -口 -!! Go! Back to the novice village…

[Team] Lonely like Snow: This task has a total of twenty three parts……sigh…..

He Qiuer is just the NPC that allows players to pick up the task. To reach the final big BOSS, you will need to go through a large number of trading tasks. They were all cumbersome tasks that mades all players shed bloody tears. There are twenty-three parts to it, each leading you from one troublesome task to another….

[Team] Half Crazy Smile: The IQ of the entire game has dropped because of you. What’s wrong with twenty three parts. Back in the days, when I did the multi-pocket mission which consisted of ten parts, I completed nine in a day! /proud face.

[Team] White Lotus: – 口 -! You managed to do that?! I didn’t reach the required level back then when the mission was released. Ok fine, I still don’t reach the required level even now.

[Team] Lonely like Snow: Was the mission that hard?

…..With their eyes filled with hatred towards Roommate, the group of people walked towards the novice village.

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