[30. My Heart is Directed to the Dragon Egg]

After going through all kinds of hardships, Bai Lian Hua’s group finally arrived at the East Sea Dragon Palace. Hey, this Dragon Palace is incredible! It’s really made of crystal! And it’s actually called….Crystal Palace.

“Lotus ~” Half Crazy Smile’s frivolous voice travelled through YY and mixed with the game music. “In a while, we will fight the Dragon King Boss, we don’t know what type of dragon he is, he is level 70 and won’t necessarily drop a dragon egg…but…” He paused for a moment, “The Dragon King’s is target based. He would lock onto a player and will attack them repeatedly. I’m worried about you becoming the target.”

What he was implying was, once Bai Lian Hua is locked on, he will immediately perish! They didn’t have a healer and this instance forbade the use of the resurrection scroll. To die would translate to a drop in his level….

“It’s ok.” Bai Lian Hua said. Truthfully speaking, he wasn’t used to speaking on YY but it is definitely more convenient than typing. “I just rose to level 54, experience is only at nine percent. If I drop one level…it would be the same as not doing this instance. No that’s wrong, when I entered this instance I was level 52 so I would still have earned a level.”

This East Sea instance is different to that of Tao Hua Yuan where the player can chose to leave when they wanted to. If it was like that, Smile would’ve probably asked Bai Lian Hua to leave first. Even if Bai Lian Hua dies, he could only wait for the rest of the team to complete the instance or be defeated.

“Well, the odds are one third.” Said Smile hopelessly.

“It won’t be one third. It’s 100%.”A voice suddenly sounded through YY surprising Bai Lian Hua momentarily before he remembered that it was Roommate’s voice.

“I will let the Dragon King target me.”He said this very calmly with 100% confidence.

Smile was unhappy and said in a scolding tone: “Hey, I am also a GM. Can you please refrain from talking about opening G in front of a GM? Otherwise I will have to take action!”

“If you do, I’ll castrate you.” After a long silence, Bai Lian Hua heard Roommate say.

This time, it was Half Crazy Smile’s turn to fall into silence.

The key to the East Sea’s door was in the hands of the captain, Lonely as Snow. He typed , “Get ready” in the team chat and after a moment, the key clicked and the Dragon Palace door opened….

[White Dragon King: Hey… who is it… →]

[White Dragon King: Dammit, another person coming here to steal the dragon eggs? →]

Just as the sentence was selected, a sudden dragon roar sounded and the scene on the monitor started to shake. The giant crystal palace shattered into pieces in an instant, and the White Dragon King rushed out. I must say though, the visual effects used for that moment was particularly exquisite. It’s no wonder so many people like this game.

Immediately, just as Roommate had confirmed, the dragon locked onto him and started off with a big attack that blasted a huge wave of water carrying yellow sand within it towards his character, Lonely as Snow. Roommate didn’t evade the attack, and, instead, pulled his bow back and sent burning arrows towards the white dragon. The movements of the two were very quick and you couldn’t tell who launched the first move. The moment the arrow was fired, Roommate immediately used the archer’s special skill to ‘shrink into a inch’ and moved a few steps to the left. Although he did not completely disperse the White Dragon’s attack, he was also not instantly killed by it either. Bai Lian Hua couldn’t help but look at the remaining blood in his blood meter and feel worried.

After the white dragon king was attacked by the arrow, a large red -9999 appeared above its figure. The blood meter however, had only reduced by one fifth.

Half Crazy Smile was also very commendable. Until now, archers have always hidden behind swordsman’s and took advantage of their ability to divert the monster’s attention. Ok fine, to be truthful, the most unfortunate thing was that they didn’t have a meat shield in the team. Both the monk and the archer are long ranged attackers, and are not very effective in face-to-face battles against a boss….Luckily the two player’s skills were good and were enough for them to get through this instance but for ordinary people? Sorry, just wait for the team to perish……

Bai Lian Hua stared at the White Dragon who was targeting Roommate, raised his monk staff and also gave it a quick hit. A big yellow MISS appeared and Bai Lian Hua couldn’t help but feel defeated…

The defeated Bai Lian Hua quietly went to the corner and coldly watched Smile and Roommate fight the White Dragon…..

Hey, the White Dragon King was hit! The White Dragon King lost more blood! White Dragon King, you are not alone in this fight! There’s not much time left for you White Dragon King! Keep persisting Dragon King! Get up Dragon King!……No, that’s wrong, Roommate, Smile, I’m rooting for you!!

Finally, after ten minutes, the White Dragon King made a cry and gloriously collapsed.

[System prompt: White Dragon King has been killed, items have been randomly assigned].

[Team] Lonely like Snow: I didn’t get the dragon egg. What about you two?

[Team] Half Crazy Smile: I only got Dragon Bone, Dragon Horn, Dragon Meat, Dragon Ball and nothing else.

[Team] White Lotus: I also didn’t get the dragon egg….

As Bai Lian Hua sent out that line of words, his eyes remained fixated on the extra item that had appeared in his inventory…

[Team] Half Crazy Smile: Oh then all that work went to waste?

[Team] White Lotus: …but I got a Guild Establishment Link

There was a moment of silence in the team.

”What the hell!” Finally, Half Crazy Smile exploded with foul language, “You got a Guild Establishment Link but you didn’t get a Dragon Egg? Oh what a sin!”

The Guild Establishment Link, just as the name suggests, is a token that can be used to establish a guild…..it is said that the drop rate of a Dragon Egg is 2% and the drop rate of the Guild Establishment Link is 0.2%……so……

[Team] Half Crazy Smile: This is not scientific!

[Team] White Lotus: That…..should we establish a guild or sell it?

[Team] Lonely like Snow: Establish a guild

[Team] Half Crazy Smile: Establish a guild then….

Of the three men present———

[Lonely like Snow]: Bought this account so even his friends list is blank, let alone be in a guild.

[Half Crazy Smile]: Recently because he was attacked by a large number of people had to disband the guild he had been running for a long time……….

[White Lotus]: Was escorted out the guild….

Coincidentally, they all weren’t in a guild! God, you really are so considerate.

[Team] White Lotus: Is it established by me?

[Team] Half Crazy Smile: If I remember correctly, the Guild Establishment Link is bound? =_=

[Team] White Lotus: Let me see…

[Team] White Lotus: Really is bound….. What should I call the guild?

[Team] Lonely like snow: White Lotus Support Group…

[Team] White Lotus: Get lost!

[Team] Half Crazy Smile: Lotus Hegemony

[Team] White Lotus: Get Lost!

[Team] Lonely like Snow: Threesome…

[Team] White Lotus: Get Lost!

[Team] Half Crazy Smile: I love Smile for a hundred years!

[Team] White Lotus: Die! —_, —


[Team] White Lotus: I’ve decided!

[Team] Half Crazy Smile: ??

[Team] White Lotus: It will be called – Sun Moon Holy Cult!

[Team] Lonely like Snow: Pfft–

[Team] Half Crazy Smile: Pffffffttt——

[Team] White Lotus: I’ve created it. Click on me to join ~^_^

[Team] Lonely like Snow: For some reason I suddenly don’t want to join….

[Team] Half Crazy Smile: What a coincidence, me too….

[Team] Lonely like Snow: Do we need a Dong Fang Bu Bai?

[Team] Half Crazy Smile: Or maybe Ren Wo Xing…

[Team] Lonely like Snow: … Smile, get your game technology department to launch a new skill book….

[Team] Half Crazy Smile: What skill book?

[Team] Lonely like Snow: Sun. Flower. Manual.

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