[29. Sentiments of an Incomplete Song] 

[Shili Lotus] is a set of equipment with no gender restrictions and the level restriction is 45+. If it wasn’t because it is hard to obtain, it would probably be the most popular gear in the game.

If you wanted to obtain this set, you would need to first take up a trader’s task and meet the trader called He Qiuer to get the hidden task [Heartless Person]. After obtaining this task, things start to get more and more complicated. The only silver lining was that although the gear could not be collected as a set, and instead could only be collected one by one, the drop rate was actually quite high. From outerwear to hair accessories; and from bracelets to weapons, there were a total of ten items in the set. He played for four days and collected eleven pieces of equipment including the repeated ones. Only two remaining items had not appeared.

But it was enough. He selected the equipments one by one, the character points surging as if he had opened G and the originally plain girl had transformed into an enchanting bride…..

This set looked more beautiful than he had expected.

[Team] Lonely like Snow: Lotus ~~~ Is it very beautiful? ? O(n_n)O~

[Team] White Lotus: Roommate, I heard that you can go to jail if you hack the system….

[Team] Lonely like Snow: … I didn’t hack T-T. Was this how you have thought of me all along?

[Team] White Lotus: I don’t think it, you are like that!

[Team] Half Crazy Smile: Not hacking. The system records showed no abnormalities.

[Team] White Lotus: How do you know?

[Team] Half Crazy Smile: I can be considered as half a GM. Can check….

[Team] Lonely like Snow: Ok, let’s do the Instance. Dragon baby, here we come!

[Team] Lonely like Snow: Lotus, remember to protect yourself ~>///<

The next second, the scene instantly changed. The originally empty beach had turned into an endlessly dark underwater scene. And so, the red sets worn by Half Crazy Smile and Lonely like Snow appeared even more dazzling.

After a few seconds, the water gradually became clearer, like the clouds dispersing after the sun had risen, rendering the colour to change into a calm blue. Several small fish swam around in the water. For Bai Lian Hua, it was his first time coming to the East Sea. He didn’t know what others were like when they first came here but he only  had one thought……..seeing these schools of fish…. he really wanted to use his fishing skills!

[Team] Lonely like Snow: We’re almost at the Dragon Palace~ In a while, the big boss Octopus Brother will appear. Everyone be careful.

[Team] Half Crazy Smile: Lonely like Snow, you’re called Roommate right?

[Team] Lonely like Snow: Yes

[Team] Half Crazy Smile: Seeing that you know what’s about to happen, it looks like you have been here many times.

[Team] Lonely like Snow: There are lots of posts about it on the official website

[Team] White Lotus: Is the big BOSS very powerful? Sound’s very scary….

[Team] Lonely like Snow: Rest assured, Lotus sister >///< If he wants to touch you, he will have to step over my dead body first!

[Team] Half Crazy Smile: Why do I feel that like sentence had a hidden meaning~

[Team] Lonely like Snow: ….

Soon, Bai Lian Hua was fortunate enough to see the Octopus Brother Roommate had mentioned. Well, more specifically, he saw it’s tentacles.

[Octopus Brother: ?? Who! Who disturbed my sleep?]

[Octopus brother: It’s the smell of humans… Abominable human beings, go die!]

In the next moment, the entire octopus appeared on the screen. It didn’t look like the octopus you would see in comic books. It stretched out its tentacles that slightly glistened, and its skin was a disgusting dark brown. As soon as it appeared, it almost covered up half the screen.

[Team] Lonely like Snow: Lotus, the Octopus Brother will release a strong move at the second minute. Do you see that shell over there? Go and hide behind it.

[Team] Half Crazy Smile: Typing is so troublesome. After getting rid of Octopus Brother, lets use YY. (Authors note: YY is a voice chat software)

Bai Lian Hua naturally knew that his weak physique was not enough to for him to face Octopus Brother and so he listened to Roommates words and hid behind the shells. The shells covered most of his view, and he could only see brilliant light effects and sparkling radiant colours that seemed as if it would never stop.

Although Bai Lian Hua couldn’t witness the battle scene, he could still see the blood meters of his teammates displayed at the top of his screen. Roommates blood meter continuously rose and fell three times. Every time Bai Lian Hua thought that he was going to die, it was like he was suddenly revived and his blood returned to one third full, then halfway and then eventually two thirds full. The precision looked as if he had opened G.

In comparison, Half Crazy Smile’s blood meter appeared quite stable. It was always about half full but what was more unstable was his mana. His mana consumption rate extraordinary. One moment it is full and the next moment there were none left.

Bai Lian Hua couldn’t help but internally think,: The master is amongst us.

At the same time, his ego was hit pretty severely. He couldn’t help but want to paste two strips of bloody tears to his face to express his damaged self-esteem. It was understandable that Smile’s technique is good…but can someone tell me why Roommate’s technique is so good too? He had always though that Roommates technique were trashy! Apart from his IQ, he was a complete trash….no that’s wrong, even Roommates IQ is trashy!

After a few minutes, the light effect dissipated.

[System prompt: [Octopus Brother] has been killed. Dropped items have been randomly assigned.]

Seeing his experience points rapidly rising, Bai Lian Hua couldn’t help but feel very gratified, but the moment it stopped at 99.71 percent he was again disappointed.

Probably because even the system didn’t find Bai Lian Hua pleasing to the eye, although Bai Lian Hua had expected to get at least one or two items from the BOSS, he actually didn’t receive a single one…He really felt unfair but as he didn’t contribute anything to the kill and was leeching off the other players, he really couldn’t complain.

[Team] Half Crazy Smile: Ok, let’s go on YY. Channel number: 99913.

[Team] White Lotus: Coming…

[Team] Lonely like Snow: I… My mic seems to have problems -_-|||.

[Team] Half Crazy Smile: ==+ Oh?

Bai Lian Hua clicked onto the raccoon head for YY and entered his own username and password. Before, he had signed up for this account so that he could join his old guild members when doing Instances. It is not often used, and so his display picture only showed a couple of pitiful leaves. At the thought of Tong Meng Hui, he couldn’t help but feel a little sad…at that time, he was level 40, was happily leeching off the other players  and basically didn’t need to talk.

This time, Bai Lian Hua had the same purpose. He only planned on following the commands from Smile and Roommate and didn’t have to worry about other things…

Entering Smiles channel number, he saw that Smile is already online. Smiles username is very easy to recognise, called “The World is Crazy”. As for Bai Lian Hua, his username was just the simple “White Lotus”.

”Hey Lotus sister, You’re here?” The sound of Half Crazy Smile’s voice passed through the speakers and into Bai Lian Hua’s ears. Bai Lian Hua couldn’t help but think of the poem ‘Pipa Xing’ written by a man who shared the same surname, Bai Juyi from 500 years ago and the phrase:“Sentiments of an incomplete song”.

Smile’s tone didn’t sound like he was making fun of him nor was it condescending. It was just a common greeting yet it made it seem like he was iactually sitting right in front of him.

About a minute later, Roommate arrived. His username was “Roommate.” It looked like he had just registered for an account and his profile only had a single leaf on it.

”Roommate? You’re here?”

After a long time, the person on the other end responded: “Yeah”. It was very short but it sounded equally nice. However, the voices of the two people were also completely different. He had thought that for someone like Roommate, his voice would sound like those sunny-dispositioned and popular idols in Li Bai’s idol dramas yet the result was that….he sounded more like one of those handsome and rich second leads whose role is to wipe away the heroines tears……No, this analogy is a little weird….

From Bai Lian Hua’s brainwashed mind appeared a word: Gong…..he quickly shook his head and tossed the horrible thought aside.

”That’s good~~ Let’s start. Let’s get Lotus a dragon egg~” Smile continued to say, “Lotus you should also say something! Give us some motivation!”

White Lotus 10:40:47

Say what?

”You’ve logged into YY and you still type! Lotus is so disappointing. Just say anything.”

Bai Lian Hua hesitated for a long time and turned on the toggle, “Press F2 to speak”.

“Good morning…” His voice that came out of his throat sounded a little distorted, and different to his original voice. Fortunately, it wasn’t too different and can considered acceptable.

Ok fine, it wasn’t just acceptable, it was…”Hey~ Lotus sister’s voice is so soft! Say something else!”

White Lotus 10:42:11

Brother, I sell my voice, not my body! (KKNote: Voice and Body in Chinese sound similar)

”I’m just asking you to say something else. That can’t be considered as asking you to sell your body?” His tone had a hint of teasing within it causing Bai Lian Hua who was listening to flush red.

”Don’t we still need to do the instance? Come on, hurry…” Bai Lian Hua’s tone clearly revealed his lack of confidence.

”OK~ Everything is as Lotus says.”

From the beginning to the end, it seems like it was just Bai Lian Hua and Smile talking. The usually active Roommate only uttered “Yeah” and had not spoken up after that…..Bai Lian Hua felt that something strange was going on yet he couldn’t hold a knife to his neck and force him to talk so he let Roommate off.

After defeating the Octopus Boss, according to Smile’s introduction, there was also Patrick Star and Spongebob left. You would need to collect ten  of spongebob’s Krabby Patty and ten of Patrick Star’s underpants…and then bring it to Mr. Krabs to exchange…..WAIT?! Is this thing really the East Sea Instance and not a fusion with some other animation?!

Bai Lian Hua who is doing the East Sea instance for the first time felt that….. something was messed  up.

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