[27. The Author has Problems with their IQ] (KK: Some of the chapter titles after this are really random….doesn’t have much to do with the novel. I’ll still translate them but don’t worry about it too much if it doesn’t make sense haha)

After lunch he took a taxi to the bank and took out 600 yuan. He then took another taxi to take him back to the school gates. Bai Lian Hua glanced at his watch. Very good…its only 12:40pm.

Holding 600 bucks, Bai Lian Hua proceeded to wait by the school gates.

Bai Lian Hua had recently been spending a lot of time in front of a computer causing his originally good vision to decline to the point that he is only one step away from short sightedness. Fortunately he is not yet short sighted otherwise he would cry bloody tears because of the expenses associated with getting glasses. Sure enough, it is just as the ancestors have said, your body is the tool used to make money….eh? Did they say something like this?

And so, Bai Lian Hua was also keen to find some time to step away from his computer and get some fresh air. However…..10 minutes was fine but an hour or two was a little too overwhelming. Even if you wanted to get fresh air for an hour or two, he would not have chosen this time to do it ——-this afternoon, he still wanted to hug Great God’s thighs and catch a nice pet.

The only reason as to why we’re talking about this is: Song Qingge! Why are you still not here? Are you playing with me?!

Yes, it had already passed the agreed time. Not only had it passed, it had long passed! If it was 2pm then Bai Lian Hua would probably reassure himself that he was busy preparing but its now half past four! On a hot summers day, he stood there stupidly and sweating like a pig while the rest of the world sheltered indoors with their air-conditioning. Like a fool, he continued to stand there getting grilled by the scorching sun. There was no-one on the streets except for the security uncle in the security room nearby.

So, I guess he should just smile at this time (F) right? (*) Lovely (C) Debt (K) Lord (U)?

Bai Lian Hua felt that if he didn’t leave now, then he might have to head straight to the hospital again because of heatstroke and high blood pressure

However, he owes him money…If he left, won’t he be blamed for not being trustworthy? But it was this Song Qingge who was in the wrong first so he is not in the wrong if he left first…….Standing in the same place, Bai Lian Hua debated internally. Let’s wait 10 more minutes. If he does not turn up, then he will leave….

Bai Lian Hua felt that the idea is good. So, ten minutes later, he left. And ten minutes later, he returned to the dormitory and after another ten minutes, he logged into the computer.

Then he received mail that made his heart go cold… He stared at the mail for ten minutes.


From: Great God

Content: Someone who doesn’t even have a concept of time shouldn’t be my disciple


As always, Bai Lian Hua noticed that Great God did not like to use punctuation and liked to use spaces instead. His junior high school Chinese teacher had often said to Bai Lian Hua that the outline of a conflict is: cause, development and conclusion. The conflict occurring inside Bai Lian Hua was: returning money, waiting stupidly, going home, getting abandoned.

Is he being abandoned by the Great God? Bai Lian Hua’s fingers went cold and he suddenly didn’t dare open the system prompt flashing on his message bar. But he still guided his mouse over, and clicked.

[System Tip: Player [Great God] has approved for you to leave his sect. Hero, please continue to work hard.]

Yes, once a player reaches level forty-five, the master can choose to let the disciple leave the sect. Of course, you can also maintain the relationship until you are level seventy, it was all up to the masters decision. The disciple can also choose to leave the sect themselves….in short, the relationship is very harmonious.

What was not harmonious was Bai Lian Hua’s heart filled with unspoken grievances. Bai Lian Hua turned off the game and logged onto penguin. With snot and tears, he wanted to talk and vent to an close friend of his. But out of his friends, and disregarding his real-life friends, the ones who played “Shenzhou Shenlu” were very few…..he used to have a few but after he was implicated on the forums………

White Lotus 17:05:58

Wuwuwuw……Roommate, I’m going to cry

Roommate 17:07:11 ?

What’s wrong?

White Lotus 17:07:27

I was abandoned by my master… wuwuwu……(┬┬_┬┬)

Roommate 17:07:51

-__, – Why were you abandoned??

White Lotus 17:08:06

I owed a person money and I asked him to wait for me at the school gates at 1:30pm but even until 4:30pm, he didn’t show up……

Roommate 17:08:24


White Lotus 17:08:47

And then, I had an appointment with my master do the Dragon Palace instance this afternoon but because I had to pay back the money I didn’t go……and then……and then master said “Someone who doesn’t even have a concept of time shouldn’t be my disciple”…..and then……and then the system told me that I have left his sect…….

Roommate 17:09:34


Roommate 17:09:55

Tell me, who was the one you were meeting and which department is he in. How can he leave you waiting for so long and not turn up.

White Lotus 17:10:21

Why do you want to know? (┬┬_┬┬)

Roommate 17:10:47

This. Laozi. Will. Bust. His. Chrysanthemum.

White Lotus 17:11:27

A City Jiayu District B University: Computer department Song Qingge. I’ll be waiting for your good news  (Ω Д Ω )

Roommate 17:12:01


White Lotus 17:12:07

? ?

Roommate 17:12:15

Are you sure you really arranged an appointment?

White Lotus 17:12:21

TUT Yeah…. My senior also promised and said that if he didn’t tell him, he would treat me to a year of boxed lunch….

Roommate 17:12:37

Did you get your senior brother to arrange it?

White Lotus 17:12:54

Yeah, TUT

Roommate 17:13:03

Who is your senior brother?

White Lotus 17:13:19

My senior brother ah……


Roommate 17:13:42

Alright, I think have a general idea of what happened. -L-, Lotus sister don’t worry >////< I’ll definitely avenge you……^_^

Song Qingge heavily smashed the keys of his keyboard as he typed this. The keyboard which normally didn’t make a sound is making ‘clattering’ sounds at this very moment. His face as usual is expressionless but if looked very carefully, you may be able to tell some signs of restraint.

Senior brother is it? As a senior brother, you actually dare to cheat your junior brother? Very good….Song Qingge pushed up the frame of his glasses and tightened his face as the temperature around him plummeted several degrees. Even so, the words that he sent did not match with his current expression.

Roommate 17:14:21

>///< Lotus sister, in the future, I’ll take you to sweep dungeons and instances!! My skill is definitely no worse than Great Gods!

White Lotus 17:14:42

TT You should wait one hundred years before you even think about challenging masters little finger……

Roommate 17:15:01

…..you must believe me! >///<. I am really amazing.

White Lotus 17:15:13

I believe in you… I just don’t believe in my own judgment…

Roommate 17:15:27

Even if you don’t believe in my hands-on ability, at least believe in my ability to open G….

Roommate 17:15:24

I am already Level 70~~ My skills aren’t bad >//////<

White Lotus 17:15:48

A teacher for a day is a teacher for life. I will only recognise one master in my life

Roommate 17:16:05

I don’t mind if you call me teacher… or a master’s wife…

White Lotus 17:16:30

Teacher, I can understand. But why Master’s wife?

Roommate 17:16:42

Of course that’s because Laozi likes to attack and be attacked……

White Lotus 17:16:57

…….You pervert, stay 3.5metres away from me!

Roommate 17:17:10

I am so sad!

White Lotus 17:17:17

I am even more sad!

White Lotus 17:17:29

I hope the end of the world comes soon…… ゚:(つд): ゜。

Roommate 17:17:54

Log onto the game tomorrow… I will give you a surprise…>///<

White Lotus 17:18:21

I no longer feel love for “Shenzhou Shenlu”

Just as he send this out, Roommates avatar changed and showed that he is offline……he actually logged off again?

Bai Lian Hua turned off the penguin and continued to browse aimlessly… let’s visit the forum…

The forum was rowdy again. Bai Lian Hua very calmly looked at his name that was once again pinned on the wall…….

[Misc] [Tree Hole] The Great God actually abandoned the Lotus Brother! I don’t believe in love anymore! ! ! !

Posted by: Horse Discussion

Post time: 17:16:56

Content: Ahhhhhhh!!! Let me yell for a bit first!!!

Why….when we all thought that Lotus brother was an ugly (Idiot) pervert, the Great God was able to find him from amongst the pile of mud…..he even sweetly gifted 2W gold coin gear sets……

When we all believed that Great God would return with the Lotus beauty………he now flipped his sleeves and turned a blind eye to the pitiful Lotus brother, and even abandoned him…..

Great God, is your sense of aesthetics different from ours?! It’s no wonder Great God is not just a mere mortal!! Even his appreciation of beauty is not the same as ours…..and finally……

Lotus brother! It’s okay, Great God won’t let you hang from him….but you still have Smile! Smile’s arms are open and is waiting for you to return……


Bai Lian Hua’s mouth twitched as he turned his attention to the pictures that were loading on his screen. After a few seconds, the images had loaded successfully……

[World] Half Crazy Smile: Lotus sister, are you there?

[World] Half Crazy Smile: Lotus Goddess, come out quickly! Give up on Great God. You still have plenty of spring left!

[World] Half Crazy Smile: Lotus officer, please tell me did you create a small account??

[World] Floating Endlessly: Although it is probably rude to interrupt but….I just collected the orange gear, [Xuanyuan’s Boots]! The price is negotiable! Collect and receive!! Add me as friend!


[NO.1 Returning at Night] Although rude… But I still have to say that the landlord is stupid. What is the point of including the words from that retard at the end there? Destruction of beauty….

[NO.2==] This forum has been occupied by rotten women…


[NO.7423333] I am not a ** fan… I am very jealous of White Lotus….but now, all I want to say is….White Lotus!! Hurry up and marry Smile!! Get together!!

Bai Lia Hua decisively closed the web page and sluggishly looked at the empty desktop screen for a while.

Song Qingge at the other end is also sitting there sluggishly, but it was a different kind of sluggishness. Bai Lian Hua’s sluggishness is just blanking out but Song Qingge is not. He is internally thinking about how to kill someone without having to be legally held responsible.

After half a minute, he walked to his bed and knelt down. From under his bed, he pulled out a toolbox. If someone had the ability to look inside, they would find that the contents of it included wires, wrenches and insulating gloves……What did Song Qingge want to do?

Of course, he wants to avenge… It is said that a voltage of 36V generally won’t be able to kill… Of course, there are also special circumstances.

Then 12V is good. As the numbness from the current passes through the fingertips, I heard that if can bring thill and ecstasy…….of course, this only applied to *beep* fanatics.

So, senior brother. If you want to bully your junior brother, you should first see who his master is…….

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